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Relief with Netherworld Deities

Among the most prominent changes in the funerary art of the post-Amarna Period New Kingdom was an increase in religious and otherworldly scenes in tomb decoration and a decline in scenes of the tomb owner's real or ideal life. Thus this post-Amarna New Kingdom relief from the tomb of Yepu, a Royal Scribe and Overseer of the Treasury, depicts knife-wielding genies protecting gateways on the way to the netherworld realm of Osiris. These scenes are vignettes for the relief's texts, which are parts of a spell from the Book of the Dead invoking safe passage for the deceased.

Catalogue Description:
Roughly rectangular limestone slab decorated in raised relief. In two panels are represented deities of the Underworld. Framing these panels are columns of inscriptions which, among other things, identify the owner as a man named Yepu. The slab is from a tomb. Condition: Some chips in surface and surface has been rubbed.

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