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Decorated Vase

Catalogue Description:
Ovoid vase, with a rather long, horizontal string-hole handle on either side of shoulder. Rather small, flattened base. Wide mouth. Broad, flat, thin lip, over very short, deep grooved neck, partly closed by roll-over. Pinkish clay. Decorated in red paint with six rows of designs. Unornamented on and near base. The designs are from bottom to top: 1) band of seven rather narrow panels, filled with criss-cross lines, alternating with slightly broader plain rectangular spaces; 2) band of thirteen flamingos, joined, with two or three Z-motifs under tails; 3) band of twenty-six joined triangles, with groups of Z-motifs above; 4) band like #1 but narrower, intermittent criss-cross with seven ornamented panels on either side between handles; 5) row of Z-motifs; 6) row of triangles. Separate lattice pattern on handles. Condition: Corroded on and near lip. Chip in lip. A gash near base.

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