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Conical Lid

A complex locking device once secured this lid to a low, flat pottery base resembling a soup bowl. First, three or four strings were attached to a small, perforated disk—designed much like a modern button. Next, the lid was turned upside down and the strings were passed through a tiny hole at the top, leaving the disk inside. The strings, now projecting out of the top of the lid, were wrapped around the base of the vessel, effectively sealing the two-piece unit. This same method is used to seal baskets in contemporary Sudan.

Catalogue Description:
Conical lid. Black clay, burned to light brown on surface. Smooth, but not polished. Top pierced with a small hole. Decorated in an irregular pattern with panels, some filled with pricked dots, some empty. Free around rim. No trace of a white fill in the holes, nor seems one ever to have been there. Condition: A very large piece is missing from rim, with jagged breakage. A crack runs from there to near top. Opposite a chip in rim, a very slight one near top.

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