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Royal Statues in Procession

The hieroglyphic text in this fragment identifies the figure on the left as Thutmose III. On the right edge in front of him, traces of another figure, most likely the female king Hatshepsut, remain. These figures are images of statues—not of the rulers themselves—that "participated" in a religious procession depicted on a wall of Hatshepsut's funerary temple.

Catalogue Description:
Fragment of limestone relief (raised). At left, head and upper torso of Thutmose III wearing the Blue Crown and identified by inscription, also in raised relief. To the right, portion of another representation of a king of which only a portion of crown and left shoulder are preserved. Along upper edge remains of line of inscription in raised relief. Apparently a fragment of temple relief. Condition: Back of relief has been sawn recently assembled from two pieces. No trace of original paint. Numerous scattered chips on surface.

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