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Don Juan Xavier Joachín Gutiérrez Altamirano Velasco, Count of Santiago de Calimaya

Catalogue Description:
Don Juan Xavier Joachim Cutierrez Altamirano Velasco (1711-1752). An oil painting of Don Juan by Miguel Cabrera. The full length figure stands by a table in front of a draped red curtain against a dull gray background. His coat is richly embroidered in blue and yellow flowers, and the sleeves have a red and blue floral pattern which matches the under coat. The outer coat matches the trousers. The lining is the same bright red as the stockings. White pleated material is at his neck and sleeves. A cockaded hat is under his left arm, and a pair of gloves is in his left hand. He holds a sundial in a red box in sword shows beneath the left side of his coat. Condition: Good, though there are cracks along the lower left and right sides, and in the picture around his legs.

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