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Don Juan Lorenzo Gutiérrez Altamirano de Velasco y Flores, Count of Santiago de Calimaya

Catalogue Description:
Don Juan Lorenzo Gutierrez Altamirano Velasco (1733-1793). An oil painting by Mariannus Guerrero with his signature. The shield by his right hand on the left side of the picture gives his titles and dates. Don Juan Lorenzo is the son of Don Juan Xavier and his portrait is 52.166.1. Don Juan Lorenzo is shown full length in a three-quarter pose in the uniform of a colonel of the Spanish Army. The trousers and vest are white, and the coat and hat are blue with gold trimmings. The order of Charles III hangs from his coat and from the coat of arms in the upper right hand side of the picture. The key to the Royal Palace can be seen in his left coat pocket and a sword shows from under the left side of his coat. He holds a staff in his right hand and his left hand is in his vest. Condition: Fairly good though there are cracks exposing the canvas in the upper left hand sides.

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