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Lid with Figurative Head

Catalogue Description:
Carved darkwood container lid: carved cylindrical center section vertical as opposed to two horizontal elements above and below (hat and lid cover). Facial area at center has protruding ears (perforataed), slit eyes with crescent brows above, and nose with nostrils which blend into cheeks; mouth a small puntated slit. Incising lines vertically at forehead center: forehead area below 'hair' line and above eyes of light wood. Back of this center section has 4 deeply incised lines. Female headdress (Tumburu) has wide brim (with split V at center), plain underneath but for crown and relief bow at top. Base as wide as hat and plain; rim incised. Beneath second level of lid, 3 small protruding wooden pegs. Bottom rim stained but center is natural wood: tool marks. All surfaces (except bottom) highly polished.

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