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Prince Yahya

Prince Yahya, born in 1817 was the forty-third son of Fath 'Ali Shah. A minor political figure in comparison with his powerful older half brothers, Prince Yahya at the age of five was appointed governor of Gilan, where he was assisted by Manuchihr Khan, Mu'tamid al-Dawleh. The prince's name and title are inscribed in a cartouche, or ornamental enframement for inscriptions, at the upper left. He wears the crown and jeweled ornaments appropriate to his rank, including the Order of the Lion and Sun.

On the basis of the depiction of Prince Yahya as a beardless youth of fifteen or twenty with rosy cheeks, the painting may be dated to the 1830s. In both patterning and delicate facial features, the painting closely resembles portraits assigned to the court painter Muhammad Hasan.

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