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Squatting Male Figure

This figure was probably part of a diviner's "tool kit." It comes from a Songye-related group, the Nsapo, who migrated northeast to Lulua country in the 1880s. The squatting pose with knees on elbows and chin resting on hands is found nowhere else in Africa but among the Lulua.

Catalogue Description:
Standing figure of deep reddish-brown glossy tone. The legs are large and slightly flexed, a pronounced concave torso and very elongated arms with elbows resting on knees and hands touching chin. Oval head with beard and two pointed horns emerging from top. Face is carefully delineated with pointed chin, triangular nose, heavy-lidded eyes. The figure has large feet and stands on its own base, which is decorated with 15 brass tacks. A triple strand of glass beads, white and very light green, decorate the neck. Condition: good. Small round opening at top of hairline, another one on back between shoulders. Tip of right horn broken off and separate. Surface of figure sticky in some areas.

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