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Cyrus W. Field Congressional Medal

Catalogue Description:
Circular medal. Obverse: profile bust of bearded man (Cyrus Field) being crowned with laurel wreath by hand from sky. Below is the sea with two sailing ships and hemispheres representing American and Europe. Text at top, "HONOR AND FAME ARE THE REWARD"; at bottom, "INDOMITABLE PERSEVERANCE / AND ENDURING FAITH ACHIEVED THE SUCCESS." Reverse: Border of chain link and guilloche surrounds the words (interspersed with American shield; star made up of stars; globe surrounded by laurel and oak and topped with crossed scepters and lightning bolts), "BY RESOLUTION OF THE CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES- / MARCH 2, / 1867 / TO / CYRUS FIELDS / OF / NEW YORK, / FOR HIS FORESIGHT, FAITH AND PERSISTENCY, / IN ESTABLISHING / TELEGRAPHIC COMMUNICATIONS, / BY MEANS OF THE ATLANTIC TELEGRAPH, / CONNECTING THE OLD WITH NEW WORLD." CONDITION: Normal wear, good.

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