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Butter Dish and Lid

Catalogue Description:
Colorless pressed glass butter dish (a) with domed lid (b). (a) Dish is round bowl rising to a square rim decorated with a hatched pattern and, in each corner, a frosted coin molded into underside. Coins are replicas of U.S. silver dollar from 1892, alternating heads (with profile bust of Columbia/Liberty) and tails (eagle). In center of bowl, frosted silver dollar "tail" molded into underside. (b) Round domed lid fits inside bowl's rim. Lid sectioned into a lower and upper band, and each band is divided into six matching registers; each register in lower band contains a frosted, molded replica of U.S. half dollar coin from 1892, alternating heads (seated Columbia/Liberty figure) and tails (eagles). Lid surmounted by round, knob-like finial, on top frosted "head" of silver dollar. CONDITION: Good; small chips around edges, all over dirt.

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