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Pier Table

Charles-Honoré Lannuier was a Parisian-trained ébéniste, or cabinetmaker, who emigrated in 1803 and became one of the leading furniture makers in New York. After the Revolutionary War and War of 1812, anti-English sentiment made French goods especially appealing to Americans. Lannuier imported French pattern books to keep abreast of the latest Napoleonic style, evidenced here by the robustly carved and gilded caryatid supports, carved dolphin feet, and elaborate gilt-bronze mounts. These forms derive from illustrations in Pierre de La Mésangère's Collection de Meubles et Objets de Goût.

Catalogue Description:
Pier table, white marble top supported by rosewood veneer frame, applied ormolu (bronze gilt) wreaths on each corner, back of table has inset looking glass, skirting of table is supported by two gesso winged classical figures, resting on concave shelf which is supported by two gesso dolphin heads. Condition: Good

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