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Carved and Painted Board (Gope)

Catalogue Description:
The object is a carved and painted board (gope) that was collected in 1933. It is in good condition. The paint surface is stable. On the back, several cracks are visible. One, 7 in. long, is located at the bottom tip of the board; two others, 14 in. and 4 1/2 in., are located on the central lower portion of the board. Narrow oval plaque of wood is carved with a design consisting of a face inscribed by an attenuated diamond shape whose top and bottom corners are stretched to the edges of the wood. The face itself consists of a forehead and nose that are defined by a T-shaped form, a heart-shaped mouth, and a scroll-like pattern, into which circular eyes are set, that also delineated the sides of the face. A crescent-shaped pattern filled with chevrons completes the top edge of the face. The remaining surface of the board is characterized by four pointed lozenges filled with a carved zigzag pattern. Condition: The object is in good condition. On the back, several splits are visible in the wood. One is located at the bottom tip of the board and travels 7" into the wood. A screw eye from a previous mounting is located in line with the split and may have caused it. Two other cracks are located on the central, back lower portion of the board. The longest is 14" and the other is 4 1/2". Although the cracks flex, they appear stable at present. The paint surface although slightly powdery appears stable. The surface is slightly dirty. As previously stated, four screw eyes from a former mounting are located on the back at the top and bottom sections of the board, as well as on either side. A red painted accession number which has been crossed out is located at the top, back of the board- "34.194L." A cloth label with "7" written in indelible black ink is attendant to the crossed out accession number. Remnants of another cloth label are also present.

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