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Large Jar

Dragons fly over a stylized landscape of rocks and crashing waves on the sides of this massive, sturdy Jar. The plant that grows out of one of the rocks twists up in the form of the character shou, meaning "long life." The six-character mark on the neck, reading from right to left Da Ming Jiajing nian zhi, means "Made in the Jiajing era of the Great Ming" and dates the Jar to the years 1522–66, when it was probably used in the Ming imperial palace as a display object.

Catalogue Description:
Large globular jar with short rimmed neck. Porcelain with transparent glaze and underglaze decoration in cobalt blue of two five clawed dragons amid clouds, waves and rocks. There are Arabic characters near the top. The shoulder sustains a wide border with arabesque scrolls and four lotus blossoms. Six character Jiajing mark on neck. Condition: Good.

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