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Corner Cabinet

Catalogue Description:
Corner cabinet of kingwood (amaranthe) veneer on mahogany with ivory inlay. Cabinet with two straight sides and slightly serpentine front, the whole of which opens as a door. Front door has oval inlay of dark kingwood and ivory, motif is ribbed vase with stylized flowers; edges of door surrounded with single row of ivory dots. Interior fitted with three removable mahogany shelves. Case supported on three molded, tapered legs. Front two legs have ivory cuffs at the bottom and terminate near the top with protruding scrolls with ivory inlay. Top edge of case recessed and finished with ivory inlay resembling dentil moldings. Pedestal has two straight sides with curved front side following serpentine of the cabinet door. CONDITION: excellent, but this was one of the pieces restored May 1972, before being sent to the museum. Some ivory from around the top edge was replaced, several pieces of ivory from the marquetry were missing, and there was a dent in the marquetry vase. Restored by H. Farina, Paris.

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