Marcel Breuer (American, born Hungary, 1902-1981). <em>Side Chair</em>, 1938. Birch plywood, solid wood, 33 1/8 x 18 3/8 x 19 in. (84.1 x 46.7 x 48.3 cm). Brooklyn Museum, Gift of Bryn Mawr College, 83.1.1. Creative Commons-BY (Photo: Brooklyn Museum, 83.1.1_bw.jpg)

Side Chair

Artist:Marcel Breuer

Medium: Birch plywood, solid wood

Geograhical Locations:


Dimensions: 33 1/8 x 18 3/8 x 19 in. (84.1 x 46.7 x 48.3 cm)


Museum Location: Luce Visible Storage and Study Center, 5th Floor

Accession Number: 83.1.1

Image: 83.1.1_bw.jpg,

Catalogue Description:
Birch plywood side chair (one of four pieces of dormitory furniture) composed of a two piece frame on each side, a seat, back, and a pair of cross braces. The first piece of the side frame: rear legs and back frame (stile) are a single piece of plywood cut into an elongated triangle with the long, flat side along the back and the "point" at the seat; this point bulges out into a ridge to provide a larger area of contact with the seat frame. The second piece of the side frame: front legs and seat frame form an inverted L-shaped piece of plywood with limbs that taper toward the ends. The seat bottom is a solid piece of wood, rounded at the front and curving down at the middle and then curving up toward the rear edge. The seat back consists of a rectangular piece of wood that is basically level with and attached to the upper part of the side frame. Cross braces of a round, solid dowel connect each side of the frame just below the front and rear edges of the seat. All the screwed attachments of parts covered originally with wooden screw-like plugs, several replaced with wood filler. CONDITION: Overall wear with scratches and dents to seat especially. Finish worn on many edges, especially seat frame, top of back, back frame, and lower legs. Several thin, horizontal scratches with discoloration on rear of back. One plug on proper right stile half broken off exposing metal screw. Two plugs on proper left have chips missing. Seat detaching slightly from frame on both sides, especially front proper right. Cracks to proper right of seat where attached to frame, front and back. Inside layer of front proper right leg has raised grain. Inside layer of front right proper leg slightly detached at bottom. Miscellaneous small spatter stains to stretchers, underside of seat and inside of stiles. Surfaces generally dirty.

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