Wildcat (Tokotsi) Kachina Doll

Artist:Henry SheltonPueblo, Hopi

Medium: Cottonwood root, fur, acrylic pigment, hide, feathers, wood, metal, turquoise

Geograhical Locations:


Dimensions: 21 3/8 x 10 3/4 x 12 in. (54.3 x 27.3 x 30.5 cm)


Accession Number: 2010.6.5

Catalogue Description:
Wildcat (Tokotski) Kachina Doll. This Kachina has a body carved from one piece of cottonwood root. He is positioned with his PL leg and PL arm raised, slightly crouching. His kilt and sash with a fox tail hanging down the back are carved root. His cape is spotted fur. He wears a carved turtle rattle on the PR leg ankle. His hide bandolier is decorated with shells. He has a hide fringe on top of painted on boots. The white head mask has a snout with bared teeth, black goggle eyes set in a brown "bandit" type mask and he has black cat paws painted on his cheeks. Top of the mask has feathers. He has large red ears. Wildcat Kachina appears by itself during Angk'wa (a series of night dances). His prayers are for rain to increase their wildcat numbers so the Hopi can have more pelts.

Brooklyn Museum