Peruvian. <em>Manco Capac, First Inca, 1 of 14 Portraits of Inca Kings</em>, mid-18th century (probably). Oil on canvas, 23 1/2 x 21 11/16 in. (59.7 x 55.1 cm). Brooklyn Museum, Dick S. Ramsay Fund, Mary Smith Dorward Fund, Marie Bernice Bitzer Fund, Frank L. Babbott Fund, gift of The Roebling Society and the American Art Council, purchased with funds given by an anonymous donor, Maureen and Marshall Cogan, Karen B. Cohen, Georgia and Michael deHavenon, Harry Kahn, Alastair B. Martin, Ted and Connie Roosevelt, Frieda and Milton F. Rosenthal, Sol Schreiber in memory of Ann Schreiber, Joanne Witty and Eugene Keilin, Thomas L. Pulling, Roy J. Zuckerberg, Kitty and Herbert Glantz, Ellen and Leonard L. Milberg, Paul and Thérèse Bernbach, Emma and J. A. Lewis, Florence R. Kingdon, 1995.29.1 (Photo: Brooklyn Museum, 1995.29.1_PS6.jpg)

Manco Capac, First Inca, 1 of 14 Portraits of Inca Kings


Medium: Oil on canvas

Geograhical Locations:

Dates:mid-18th century (probably)

Dimensions: 23 1/2 x 21 11/16 in. (59.7 x 55.1 cm) frame: 29 x 27 x 3 in. (73.7 x 68.6 x 7.6 cm)


Museum Location: Great Hall, West, 1st floor - Painting Screens


Accession Number: 1995.29.1

Image: 1995.29.1_PS6.jpg,

Catalogue Description:
Portrait of Manco Capac, the First Inca King, dressed in the finery of his office and holding a staff in one hand. A bird rests on the finger of the other hand and a snarling lion is depicted at the ruler's back. This portrait is part of a series of 14 Inca King portraits that is based on the engraving by Antonio de Herrera, which in turn is based on a painted prototype (see Converging Cultures, 1996, p. 239).

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