<em>Boundary Stela of Sety I</em>, ca. 1294 B.C.E. Limestone, 25 1/2 × 15 1/2 × 6 3/4 in., 110 lb. (64.8 × 39.4 × 17.1 cm, 49.9kg). Brooklyn Museum, Charles Edwin Wilbour Fund, 69.116.1. Creative Commons-BY (Photo: , 69.116.1_PS9.jpg)

Boundary Stela of Sety I

Medium: Limestone

Geograhical Locations:

Dates:ca. 1294 B.C.E.

Dimensions: 25 1/2 × 15 1/2 × 6 3/4 in., 110 lb. (64.8 × 39.4 × 17.1 cm, 49.9kg)



Accession Number: 69.116.1

Image: 69.116.1_PS9.jpg,

Catalogue Description:
Round-topped limestone stela bearing a representation of, and inscribed for, King Sety I (Mn-ma'at-r'). The king is represented, on the upper portion of the stela, standing and wearing the Blue Crown. Below the king are three lines of inscription: the inscription dates the piece to Year 1 of Sety 1. Both figure and inscription are executed in sunk relief. The stela was cut off at the bottom in modern times; the other edges and the rear surface are rough. The piece is somewhat wider near the top (at the springing of the round top) than at the bottom. Condition: Numerous chips and scratches.

Brooklyn Museum