<em>Heart Scarab of the Divine Father Hori</em>, ca. 1539–1075 B.C.E. Stone, 2 5/16 × 1 15/16 × 9/16 in. (5.8 × 4.9 × 1.5 cm). Brooklyn Museum, Charles Edwin Wilbour Fund, 37.479E. Creative Commons-BY (Photo: Brooklyn Museum, 37.479E_top_PS20.jpg)

Heart Scarab of the Divine Father Hori

Medium: Stone

Geograhical Locations:

Dates:ca. 1539–1075 B.C.E.

Dimensions: 2 5/16 × 1 15/16 × 9/16 in. (5.8 × 4.9 × 1.5 cm)


Museum Location: Egyptian Orientation Gallery, 3rd Floor


Accession Number: 37.479E

Image: 37.479E_top_PS20.jpg,

Catalogue Description:
Dark green stone heart amulet inscribed for the “Divine Father, Hori(?)”. On the top surface of the projection from the top of the heart. Not pierced. The piece is inscribed in eleven lines in two places. The rear surface of the heart is flat. It is on this surface that are inscribed ten lines of text. The separate one line of the text: “The Divine Father Hori (?), son of the Prophet of Ptah”. The larger text she read as “the Prophet of Ptah, hebis?, deceased, he says: O my heart of my mother, O my heart of my mother, O my breast of my upbringing, stand not up against me as a witness, confront me not in the assembly of judges, set not their enmity against me before the guardian of the scales. Thou art my ka which is in my body, the Khnum who prospere th my limbs. Go thou forth to good, make preparation for us then (?), cause not my name to stink for the nobles who make men into heaps. Good for us, good for the hearer, joy to the judge. Speak not lies against me beside the god. Behold what thou discernest is the Osiris.” Condition: Small chips: otherwise good.

Brooklyn Museum