Collections: February 2012 Images

  • 1st Floor
    Arts of Africa, Steinberg Family Sculpture Garden
  • 2nd Floor
    Arts of Asia and the Islamic World
  • 3rd Floor
    Egyptian Art, European Paintings
  • 4th Floor
    Contemporary Art, Decorative Arts, Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art
  • 5th Floor
    Luce Center for American Art

On View: Life Death Figure

The face on this small yet powerful sculpture exemplifies the dualism of ancient Mesoamerican religion with respect to life and death by com...

Hiroshige's One Hundred Famous Views of Edo

Hiroshige's 118 woodblock landscape and genre scenes of mid-nineteenth-century Tokyo, is one of the greatest achievements of Japanese art.

    On View: Relief of the Goddess Mut

    Before the end of the New Kingdom almost all images of female figures wearing the Double Crown of Upper and Lower Egypt were depictions of t...


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    Three Dutch Figures

Kachina Doll (May-Kjappa)Kachina Doll (Hututu)Kachina Doll (Mokjachepa)Kachina Doll (Siatasha)Kachina Doll (Kja-kja-lih)Kachina Doll (Zakyalestoy)Kachina Doll (Elsa-pa-sha [Mudhead Clown])Kachina Doll (Nawish-okya)Kachina Doll (Hakjapa)Kachina Doll (Yaaha)Kachina Doll (Gakwakena)Kachina Doll (Helele)Kachina Doll (Kjaweya)Kachina Doll (Ptotsana or Petetessna)Kachina Doll (Salomopea Thluptsena Ansuwa)Kachina Doll (U-hu-u)Kachina Doll (Gamuna)Kachina Doll (Salamopea Kohana)Kachina Doll (Powotampla?)Kachina Doll (Tomtse)Kachina Doll (Salamopea Kohana Ansuwa)Kachina Doll (Muloktakya or Mulok Takya)Kachina Doll (Kjanilona)Kachina Doll (Kanachu)Kachina Doll (Thlum Pinto)Kachina Doll (Lassaiyapona)Kachina Doll (Salimopia Thleana Suna)Kachina Doll (Ata Ona)Kachina Doll (Nawikwoh Kokoh Thlama)Kachina Doll (Salamopea Shelowa)Kachina Doll (Tiya Shiloh)Kachina Doll (Ouah Thlama)Kachina Doll (Lakiakwe)Kachina Doll (Lakwana Ottoh)Kachina DollKachina Doll (Wamowa)Kachina Doll (Helele)Kachina Doll (Ekohkuanona)Kachina Doll (Kotemshe)
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