Research: Brooklyn Bridge

Catalogue cover The Great East River Bridge, 1883–1983 (Brooklyn, New York: Brooklyn Museum, 1983). Catalogue published for the exhibition The Great East River Bridge, 1883–1983 at the Brooklyn Museum, March 19–June 19, 1983.


Willard C. Butcher was Chairman of the Board of the Chase Manhattan Bank, the corporate sponsor of the Great East River Bridge exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum in 1983. He contributes the sponsor's preface.
Preface (PDF)


Michael Botwinick, Director of the Brooklyn Museum from 1974 to 1982, co-contributed the book's foreword with then Acting Director, Linda S. Ferber. This foreword introduces the exhibition and thanks the many people who were involved.
Foreword (PDF)


Architectural historian Deborah Nevins contributes a detailed essay outlining the history of the Bridge from its conception to its centennial in 1983. The essay focuses on the individuals integral to the Bridge's construction and the engineering challenges faced.
1869–1883–1983 (PDF)


Barbara Head Millstein, former Associate Curator at the Brooklyn Museum, constructs a detailed chronology of the history of the Bridge from 1802 to 1981.

Chronology (PDF)

The Builders

Noted biographer and historian David McCullough recounts the lives of the architects, engineers, and builders of the Great East River Bridge. He details both the stresses of the political environment and the interpersonal relationships of those involved.
The Builders (PDF)

Crossing the River: The Alternatives

Barbara Head Millstein, former Associate Curator at the Brooklyn Museum, examines the pre-construction alternatives to the Brooklyn Bridge, including other bridge proposals and different modes of transport over the river prior to the Brooklyn Bridge.
Crossing the River: The Alternatives (PDF)

Urban Design: The Bridge and Prospect Park

Albert Fein, Professor of History and Urban Studies and Chair of the Department of Urban Studies at the Brooklyn Center of Long Island University, focuses on the unique relationship the Bridge's construction had to urban design, comparing it to the development of Brooklyn's great park system.
Urban Design: The Bridge and Prospect Park (PDF)

The Bridge As Icon

Art historian Lewis Kachur explores the Bridge as a cultural icon. His essay relates the Bridge to the artistic renditions it has inspired throughout its centennial history.

The Bridge As Icon (PDF)

The Next Hundred Years

Steven S. Ross, a writer, teacher, and consultant on the effects of technology on society, projects the Bridge's future maintenance needs by analyzing the materials used in its construction.

The Next Hundred Years (PDF)

Selected Filmography

Charles Reichenthal, Program and Public Relations Director of the Brooklyn Arts and Cultural Association, offers a descriptive filmography of both major motion pictures and obscure releases featuring the Brooklyn Bridge.
Selected Filmography (PDF)

Selected Bibliography

The authors present a short list of suggested readings on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Selected Bibliography (PDF)