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Pencil Sharpener,
Accession # X908a-c
Manufacturer Stile Craft Manufacturers, Inc.
Title Pencil Sharpener, "Electro-Pointer"
Date ca. 1930
Medium Molded plastic, metal
Dimensions 5 7/8 x 3 5/8 x 8 1/4 in. (14.9 x 9.2 x 21 cm)
Marks (1) On (a), affixed on bottom of base, rectangular white sticker printed in blue: "[in script] Electro-Pointer / [printed] PATENTED / SERIAL / NUMBER 18247 / BY / STILE CRAFT MFGRS., INC. / 1825 MACKLIND AVE. / ST. LOUIS 10, MO." (2) On (a), on metal plate riveted to inside of body underneath drawer, molded: "STILE CRAFT / MFRS. INC. / ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI / MODEL [blank space] STYLE [blank space]" (3) On (b), affixed to proper right front of fillings drawer, round light yellow sticker printed in red: "[around outer edge] EMPTY THIS / DRAWER / [in center and framed by red ring] PULL"
Credit Line Brooklyn Museum Collection
Location Visible Storage: Case 17, Shelf L (Contemporary Design)
Description Streamlined electric pencil sharpener (a) with removable shavings drawer (b) and detachable cord (c). (a) Body in molded black plastic attached to conforming metal base with screws; underside of base lined with rubber. From rectangular base with rounded back side, body rises to triangular fin-shaped hump with a generally vertical front side, a downward curving top, and all-over rounded and streamlined contours. Shallow molded horizontal ridge along front side about 1 ½" up from bottom edge continues and angles down around each side toward back where the side ridges rise to a point and meet in center forming a triangle; down the center of this triangle, a raised pointed rib runs to base. Another raised pointed rib runs down center of front side. At top of front side is the pencil hole framed by a raised tear-drop shape attached to a disk; a ring around this disk has three equidistant pointers (marked "S", "M" and "L" for small, medium, and large), this ring can be turned to align the pointers with point of teardrop, thereby setting the diameter of the pencil hole. Socket for electric cord along bottom edge of body at proper right back. (b) Rectangular fillings drawer has black plastic front attached to metal drawer with screws; it fits into hole in bottom front side of sharpener so that drawer sits flush with body; raised triangular line down center of drawer aligns with similar form down front. (c) Electric cord is missing, 10/29/03. CONDITION: Good; scratches and abrasions all over plastic body; ring and disk around pencil hole are loose; body seems to be coming loose from base, especially at front; sticker on front of drawer has scratches and losses.