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Member Flex Tickets FAQ

What is a Flex ticket?

Members can now book free Flex tickets, which include Museum general admission and untimed entry to ticketed exhibitions during general Museum hours (Wednesday–Sunday, 11 am–6 pm). Please note that galleries are cleared 15 minutes prior to closing. 

Flex tickets are currently available through May 7, 2023, as we test this new ticket type. 

Will Flex tickets be available for all exhibitions?

Yes! Flex tickets are valid for untimed entry to Thierry Mugler: Couturissime and for general admission to the Museum. 

Is this new Member benefit here to stay?

We are testing this new ticket type through May 7, 2023. After your visit, you’ll be asked to complete a survey about your experience, which will help us make adjustments to ensure we’re providing the best possible Member experience.

Do I need to book Flex tickets in advance to visit the Museum?

We strongly encourage Members to reserve Flex tickets in advance and skip the line at the Member Services Desk. A limited number of same-day Flex tickets will be available at Member Services on a first-come, first-served basis.

How many Flex tickets can I reserve?

Members are entitled to a number of complimentary Flex tickets per visit based on Membership level:

Individual: 1 adult ticket per visit

Dual: 2 adult tickets and 4 child tickets per visit

Insider: 2 adult tickets and 4 child tickets per visit

Trendsetter: 4 adult tickets and 4 child tickets per visit

Groundbreaker: 6 adult tickets and 4 child tickets per visit

Director’s Circle: 6 adult tickets and 4 child tickets per visit

Can I purchase a Flex ticket for a guest?

At this time, we are testing Flex tickets as a benefit of Membership and are not selling these tickets. If you need more tickets than the complimentary ones offered for your Membership level, you may purchase additional full-price timed tickets for your guests (not valid for Members-only hours and previews) or upgrade your Membership to a level that includes additional complimentary Flex tickets.

What time should I be at the Museum?

Members with a Flex ticket reservation may visit anytime during regular Museum hours. We recommend allowing at least an hour to view each special exhibition. Visitors are kindly asked to begin exiting galleries 15 minutes prior to closing.

What happens when I arrive?

Make your way to the gallery or exhibition of your choice. A staff member will scan your ticket at the exhibition entrance.

Are Flex tickets timed? What if I miss my time slot?

These tickets are not timed so there is no time slot to miss! Galleries are emptied at 5:45 pm.

Are children required to have tickets to enter?

Yes. Everyone ages 4 and up must have a ticket to enter. If your child doesn’t have a ticket, you will be directed to the Member Services Desk.

All Members at the Dual level and above are entitled to 4 complimentary children’s tickets per visit.

How many times can Members visit ticketed exhibitions?

As a Member, you’re welcome to visit as many times as you’d like, for free!

Can I change my ticket date after I make my reservation?

Yes. Please email or with your name and new requested date. Exchange is based on availability.

Can I give my ticket to someone else?

Member tickets are nontransferable, so if you’re unable to attend, a friend or family member cannot use your complimentary tickets. If you cannot use your reserved tickets, email or call 718.501.6326 to cancel your order.

Tickets are sold out online, but I’m a Member. Are there additional tickets for Members?

We’ll have a limited number of same-day tickets available at the Member Services Desk on a first-come, first-served basis but can’t guarantee availability during peak times. Check out Member Morning Hours for additional spots on Saturday mornings!

How do I log in to my account to reserve tickets?

Members can log in to their account online by choosing the “Member Login” prompt and using the email address and password associated with their Membership.

To set up your account and password for the first time, select the “Forgot Your Password” prompt to receive an email confirming your account details.

Each Membership can be associated with only one email address, which is the login used to reserve Member tickets and access other discounts. This means that Memberships with two cardholders can only have one login email address. To update the email address associated with your Membership, email or call 718.501.6326 (Monday–Friday, 9 am–5 pm). Any changes to your login will take one full business day to take effect.

I’m getting an error message on the ticketing site. What should I do?

If you’re a Member and experiencing an issue with your ticketing account, email or call 718.501.6326 (Monday–Friday, 9 am–5 pm).

If you’re not a Member, email or call 718.501.6484.

I have a question that isn’t answered here. What should I do?

Check our general FAQ for additional information about your visit.

If you still have questions not answered here, feel free to call us at 718.501.6326 or email us at (Monday–Friday, 9 am–5 pm).