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9/11 52 Ladies at Tea 1978 1989 2006 abaca abortion absence abstract abstraction abstract painting abuse access acrobatic acrylic activism actress actresses addiction adolescence adornment Adrian Piper advertising Afghanistan Africa Afro-Cuban age aging aging bodies agitprop agriculture AIDS air airline safety Albright Knox album Algeria allegory altar alter ego ambition America American American dream American West Amy Jenkins ancient matriarchal cultures Andalusia Angela Jimenez anger animal animal remains animals animation Anne Sherwood Pundyk annie sprinkle anonymity anticapitalist antique antique clothing antlers anxiety appearance appropriation Arachne arachnophobia arboreal archeology architectural architecture archive art art history artifact artifice Artist artist book artist books Art News Asia Asian ass assemblage audience audio Austria autobiographical autobiography automythography avatars b/w baby Barbara Roux Barbie Baroque Bas Jan Ader bath bathing bathing suit beast beauty beauty and blood bed bedroom bed sheet bed ticking bee priestess bees belly Berlin beth stephens Bible biblical billboard biography biomorphic Birchfield Penny Art Center birch trees bird birds bird spider birth birthday black black & white black & white photography black and white black and white photography blanket blind architecture blood blue blue screen bodies body body-image body art body cast body image body issues bogolan bone bones book book art books booth border borders boudoir boxing bra branches Brazil bread breast breast cancer breast feeding breasts bride bridge bronze Brooklyn Brooklyn Art Museum broom brown Building Bulgaria Burdock business suits bust Butterflies butterfly Cairo cake calligraphy camera camouflage camp canada Canadian art cancer canvas capitalism car carolee cartoon cast paper Catholic Caucasus celebrity censor censorship censure ceramic ceramic tile ceremony chamber Chandelier change charcoal child Childhood children china Chinese christianity cigarette cinema circular circus city cityscape civic art clay cliches cliché Cloister clones cloning clothes clothing clouds collaboration collage Collection Adrian Piper Research Archive collectivity Colombia colonialism color color field colorful color pencil color photograph comfort comic book comics coming of age commodification communication community conceptual conceptual art conceptual painting confession confrontation Conner Contemporary Art constraint consumerism consumption container contemporary contemporary art Contemporary Artist contemporary bronze sculpture contemporary Canadian feminist artists contemporary feminist artists contemporary realism contextless conversation cooking corset cosmetics costume cotton cotton wool couscous craft craft-based techniques crafts crayon creativity creature crochet crone cross cross-dressing Cuba culture cultures cut cut-out cut paper cyber avatars cycles dance dancing dark daughter dead white male painters death Deb Wiles decay deconstruction decoration decorative deer democracy depression design desire destruction dialogue diaristic dictator José Efraín Ríos difference Digital digital image digital images digital photography diptych dirt disappointment disease disorder document documentary documents dog dogs doll dolls domestic domesticity domestic violence domination Dominique Nahas door drag drama drawing dream dress dress codes dwm dyke Dyke Action Machine Dystopia earth Eastern Europe Eden education egg eggs Egypt Ela Troyano Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art: Feminist Art Base Elizabeth Sackler gallery embroidery Emily emilykimball Emily Kimball emilykimball.com emilykimballartist emilykimballblog emotion emotional emotions emotive empowerment enamel encaustic encounters endurance envelope environment environmental erotic eroticism etching ethnicity ethnography Eve event everyday. exoskeleton exoticism experimental exploitation expression expressionism Expressionist expressive eye F2M fabric face faces facial peel Factory fairytale fairy tales fame family family tree fan fantasy farm fashion Fat fear feeling bad feet felt Female female authors female autonomy female body female figures Female form female history Female Identity female imagery female perspective female to male feminine femininity Feminism feminist feminist art feminist contemporary art feminist materials feminity femmage fence fertility fiber fiber art fight fighter fighting figurative figurative sculpture figure figures figurine film fire firearm flag flat flesh floral flower flowers fluid Flying Ladies Flying Women folds foliage folk food foreigner forest found found materials found object found objects fractured fragility fragments frame France freedom French Frida Kahlo friends friendship front fruit frustration fuck fur furniture galaxy Galleries Gallery 705 gambling game garden garments gay gaze gender gender identity gender inequality gender violence genealogy geneology genitalia geography Germany gestural gesture girdle girl girlhood girls glamor glamorous glass glass ceiling GLBT Global Feminisms gloves God goddess gold Goya graffiti grandmother grapes grape skins graphic graphic novel graphite gray green grey grid Guatemala guilt gun gunpowder guns Gwen Stefani hair hand hand-sewn handcart handicrafts handmade paper hands hanging hardcore romantic harvest hat hate crimes hats head healing health heart Hecate height heirloom her-story heritage hero heroic high key color hijra historical history HIV Hollywood home homosexual hood horizon horns horror horse house housewife Hugo Boss human human rights human trafficking humor humorous hybrid hybridity Ianna Book Ice icon iconic identity identity image/text illness illusion image/text immigration Imperialism incest India inner tube innocence installation installations installation shot institutional critique integration interaction interactive interior interior space internal internal organs internet internet art internet dating interview intimacy intimate inversion Iraq ironic irony Islam isolation Israel Palestine Istanbul italy Japan Japanese Jenkins Jersey City jewelry Jewish journey joy Judy Chicago Jung juxtaposition Kasobane kay key Kimball kinetic sculpture kiss kitchen knight knitting kozyra labia labor Lace lady pink land Landscape language large Large Scale Installations latex Latina laundry leather leaves legs lesbian Library life life cycles light lighting Light projection Lindsay linen lips lipstick liquid lithograph little girls Liz Taylor loneliness Los Angeles loss lost love lovers lust luxury lynching madres Maghreb make-up male male gaze male nude Mali man Mandala mandalas Manet maps marble Marilyn Monroe Maris Bustamante marmite marriage Maryland masculine masculinity mashrabia mask masquerade mass media maternity matriarchal mattress Maureen Burdock media medicine meditation medusa memento memento mori memorabilia memorial memory men menstruation metal metamorphosis mexican Mexico Miami Miami Art Basel Michigan Womyn's Music Festival micro-industry micro/macroscopic midcentury modern Middle East military milk miniature minimal minimal art Minimalism Minorities mirror mirror image mixed-media mixed media mobility model Modern Art Fair modern China modernism momento mori Monastery montage monumental moon Mormon mortality mother mother and child motherhood mothering movement mud cloth multi-color multi-cultural multi-panel multicolored mural murder museum Museum of Historical Makeovers music Muslim mutation mym tuma mystery myth mythology naked naked woman Nancy Drew Nancy Drew Series narcissism narrative National Association of Women Artists nationalism Native American natural materials nature Nazi needlework neoliberalism neon New Mexico news newspaper New York New York City night nonviolence Notations nude nudes nudity Nun object objects obsessions ocean odalisque odyssey oil oil painting old age Olympics Ontario college of art and design opera orange organic orgasm ornament outdoor oval pain paint painterly painting painting-within-a-painting painting on paper paintings Palm Springs Yares paper paradise Paris party passion pastiche pattern pattern and decoration patterns peace pearl pen and ink pencil penis people perform performalist performance Performance art performative performativity perishables persona personal personality disorder personality disorders personal story perversity pets photo photograph photographs photography photorealism pig pillow pink pioneer plants plaster plastic surgery play playful pleasure poetry polaroid police political political art political issues politically depressed politics Polvo de Gallina Negra pool pop culture Pope Benedict XVI popular culture porcelain porn pornography portrait portraits portraiture post-colonial post-colonialism Post-Minimalism postcolonialism poster posters posture poured paint power pregnancy pregnant print printmaking Private Space process Process Art project projection prostitution protection protest psychoanalysis psychological public public/private public art publicity stills public sculpture public space puppetry purple queen queer queer theory question quilt quilting quilts race racism rape realism Reality Recognize Me recording recycle recycled red reenactment reflection reflections regeneration regret relationship relationships relief religion religious repetition representation representational reproduction Republic of Georgia resin resistance rest restaurant rifle Risk ritual river Robert Curcio roles romance room rosen roses rubber rubbing rural Russia Santa Barbara Santa Fe Santiago satire scars schneemann school school uniform science science fiction scientific scream scroll sculpture sea search security self self-defense self-discovery self-image Self-portrait Self-portraits self-portraiture self-supporting Self Defense self image self images self portrait sensual sensuality sentimental separatism serbia serial series sewing sex sexism sex slavery sexual sexual agency women sexual imagery sexualisation sexuality sexualization sexually suggestive shadows shaped Sharon Bartel Clements shell shield shock therapy shoes shooting competition shopping Sigmund Freud sign silhouette silicone silkscreen sister sisters site-specific Site specific skeleton skin skull sky skyline slavery sleep sleeping slides small smiling smoking snake snapshot social social activist social commentary art social interest social issues social protest societal soft sculpture so help me hannah Solo Shows son sound Sound installation sourdough southern space Spain speech spider spine spiral Spiritual spirituality sports spray paint stain stand star Starbursts steel stereotype stereotypes stickers still life still lives stitch stitching stories stormy story straitjacket street intervention strength studio studio system Stuffed Animals subconscious Subculture submission suburbia subversive subvert suicide super-heroine surreal Surrealism Sweden swim swimmer swimming swoon symbolic symbolism symmetry table Tattoo teal tears technology teen teenage girls teeth temporary terracotta text textile textiles the body The New York Times Project therapist thick thread Tiles time tits toilet tongue tools torso torture Tower of Babel toys trace tradition traditional Chinese architecture traditional culture Trafficking Trans transcultural transformation transgender transgression transience translation transnationalism transparency transsexual trauma travel tree trees triptych trophy Trousseau truck Tusheti twins umbilical cord Umbria uncertainty underwear United States universal urban USA Uzi Parnes vagina vanitas Varsha Nair veil ventriloquism Venus vessel vest Victorian Victorian age video video-performance video art video installation video projection video still vintage vintage advertisements vintage clothing vintage photographs violence violence against women visceral voice void voyeurism vulnerability vulnerable vulva Wade waiting walking walking objects wall Wallpaper war warrior Washington DC water watercolor wax web wedding Welcome Home welding west West Africa wet whimsy white Whitney windblown window wine farming woman womanhood womb women women's bodies Women's Fund in Georgia women's history women's work women sexuality womens studies womyn Wonder Woman wood woodcut wooden ice cream spoon Woods wood sculpture wool wool felt work work on paper works on paper World War II wrestling writing Wyoming x-ray Yares Yares Gallery Yares Project Space yellow yoni youth