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Assistant Museum Maintainer—Engine Room


  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • The following FDNY Certificates of Fitness: Standpipe/Sprinkler (S-13, S-14, S-15), Supervision of Fire Alarm Systems (S-95), To Operate and Maintain Air Compressors (A-35), Low Pressure Boiler Operator (P-99), Fuel-Oil Piping and Storage System (P-98), Supervision of Storage, Handling and Use of Corrosives and Oxidizers (C-42), Fire Guard for Torch Operations (F-60), and Torch Use of Flammable Gas (G-60)   
  • Experience and training in pneumatic, electronic, and electric controls, as well as variable frequency drives
  • Capacity to receive Museum training on our computerized climate control system and any other equipment
  • Ability and willingness to climb on, or work from, ladders or scaffolding
  • Ability to lift and transport heavy parts or equipment, up to 100 pounds 
  • Knowledge of electrical motors
  • Ability to repair plumbing systems as well as weld, braze, and solder pipes up to 2 inches
  • Familiarity with pneumatic, electronic, and electric DDC controls and VAV systems
  • Ability to read blueprints
  • Willingness to secure and maintain all necessary licenses and certificates required by New York State, New York City, and the Brooklyn Museum
  • Willingness to work any shift as required, including overtime in emergency situations
  • OSHA 30-hour training for construction industry


  • Operate, repair, test, and maintain all pumping and refrigeration engineering equipment (e.g., chillers, pumps, vacuum condensate pumps, condensate systems, and cooling towers), as well as low pressure boilers, heat exchangers, and domestic water heaters
  • Properly align motors, pumps, shafts, gearboxes, and couplings; repack pump seals; and replace mechanical seals
  • Perform responsible, independent work in all Museum mechanical and non-gallery areas (including fabrication, installation, and removal of HVAC and plumbing fixtures)
  • Prepare and update logs and documentation on a daily basis, including those related to shifts and equipment, HVAC, and Museum environmental conditions
  • Order supplies and equipment, working with the department manager, and maintain an adequate inventory of supplies for daily operations, preventive maintenance, and planned activities
  • Maintain an overall knowledge of facility operations and report status to management
  • Repair and maintain pneumatic, electronic, and electric controls
  • Ensure that equipment is functioning according to a given schedule, and operate software associated with existing automation systems
  • Stay up-to-date on the Museum’s emergency procedures; coordinate information with other shops, staff, clients, and management during emergencies; and interact with outside municipal agencies, including FDNY
  • Make critical emergency repairs in all construction trade fields and take appropriate stopgap measures when complete repairs cannot be made immediately
  • Perform electrical repairs, such as changing electric fuses, switches, lightbulbs, and breakers, in emergency situations, after hours, and on weekends
  • Take responsibility for the safety and protection of all related Museum buildings, collections, personnel, visitors, and equipment
  • Carry out appropriate fire and safety team functions as deemed necessary by the Fire and Life Safety Director
  • Conduct daily work such as plumbing, roof weatherization, after-emergency cleanup, cleaning of mechanical equipment rooms, cleaning and repair of boilers/pumps and related equipment, painting, and repairs to the fire suppression systems
  • Wear safety equipment and PPE on the job as necessary

Start date: Immediately

Department: Engineering

Reports to: Director of Engineering

Position type: Full-time

Salary: $48,290

Union status: Union

FLSA status: Non-exempt

Schedule: This is a 24/7 position. Shifts (morning, afternoon, or night) and days off are determined by seniority.

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