Join the “Goodbye Coney Island?” Flickr Group!


I am very excited that Patrick Amsellem, curator of photography, is working with us on a web project in conjunction with the Goodbye Coney Island? exhibition he curated in the Luce Visible Storage-Study Center. We have created a Goodbye Coney Island? Flickr group which photographers can join and submit their best photo of Coney Island. From this pool Patrick will select four photos to feature in his posts on our blog throughout the run of the show.

This idea came about because the other day I joined Patrick for a discussion of Goodbye Coney Island? and he spoke about the popularity of Coney Island throughout the years as a subject for both American and International photographers. I am a casual photographer, and his comment reminded me how much I enjoy going to Coney Island to take pictures with my Polaroid, Holga and digital cameras. Every time I am there I see countless other photographers strolling the boardwalk in search of the perfect shot to capture the Coney Island’s essence. What a better way to pay homage to this fabled part of New York, I thought, than to engage some of the photographers in our community in conjunction with this exhibition of more than fifty photographs from the Brooklyn Museum’s holdings that traces its evolution over the past 125 years. We look forward to seeing the photographs everyone will choose to post!

To participate please join the Goodbye Coney Island? group on Flickr:

What is Flickr?

Flickr is a Web site where digital photos can be uploaded for sharing via the Internet. Basic accounts on Flickr are free of charge.

I’ve got a Flickr account. How do I find the Goodbye Coney Island Group?

The Goodbye Coney Island? Group can be found here. Once you join the group (click “Join this Group?” and confirm), you can share your photo by submitting it to the group’s pool.

I’ve joined the group, but how do I add my photo?

Go to your photo’s page, click on “Send to Group,” and then select “Goodbye Coney Island?” from the drop-down list. That’s it! Entries are limited to1 photo per person, so pick your best!