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Elizabeth A.Sackler Center for Feminist Art

Annie Sprinkle

San Francisco,

Annie M. Sprinkle is an internationally known multi-media artist whose work is often studied in History of Performance Art classes, gender studies and film studies at major Universities/Colleges. Ms. Sprinkle has continuously toured one-woman theater performances about her life since 1989, such as Post Porn Modernist and Hestory of Porn. One of the pivotal players in the 80’s “sex positive feminist movement,” Ms. Sprinkle’s art work has long championed sex education and equal rights. The film she produced and directed, The Sluts and Goddesses Video Workshop has played in well over 100 film festivals, at museums and galleries, including at the Whitney Museum of American Art in NYC. She became the first sex film star to successfully bridge into the world of art, and to earn a Ph.D., which she was awarded from the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco, in 2002. She is a popular visiting artist at many Universities. Annie Sprinkle’s autobiographical book, Post Porn Modernist broke new ground in art books that include sexually oriented imagery. Her book,

Hard Core From the Heart; The Pleasures, Profits and Politics of Sex in Performance was published by Continuum Press for the academic market and won the Firecracker Alternative Book Award (2002).

Feminist Artist Statement

Because I love and adore women (including trans-women, trans-men, gender queer, intersexed, etc.) I want the very best for them—access to the great education, excellent health care, the most current sex information, expert support when needed and equal rights of every kind.

Because I love and adore women I want them to have equal opportunities in every way; including and especially in the realms of politics, business, and art.

Because I love and adore women, I want them to be able to live in peace; free of war, violence, and prejudice.

Because I love and adore women, I fight to decriminalize and de- stigmatize prostitution and other sex work.

My work as an artist aims to help create all of the above and more.

<p>Armed Goddess</p>

Armed Goddess

Armed Goddess

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