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Elizabeth A.Sackler Center for Feminist Art

Bosmat Niron

Tel Aviv,

Bosmat Niron was born in Tel-Aviv, Israel and later studied in South America, Spain, and Israel. Over the years, she has worked in the mediums of painting, sculpture, conceptual projects and installations. Since 2002, Niron has exhibited internationally on a regular basis. In conjunction with these exhibitions, her outdoor sculptures have appeared throughout Israel. In June 2008, Niron exhibited at the Knesset, Israel’s Parliament, leading her to receive a letter of thanks from Mr. Gideon Ezra, Israel’s Minister for Environmental Protection. Niron was also chosen to participate in the project “60 Israeli, Israel face, state of Israel.”

In a Jerusalem Post article from April 2004, Niron and her work were described as “vital and vibrant. The energy inherent in her outdoor sculptures and the vivid colors on her painting are a reflection of the artist’s optimism and joie de vivre.She believes that one can find beauty even in garbage. Her sculptures maximize the aesthetic potential of waste material. True to her desire to improve the appearance of the neighborhoods we live in and striving to instill these ideas in society, Bosmat dedicates time and energy to transmitting her vision around the country through art classes, seminars, and courses aimed at the art of recycling.”

Feminist Artist Statement

Femininity is everything. It is creation itself, existence and reality. Therefore, in the Zohar, it is defined as “Everything.” It is the sea to which all rivers flow.

Goddess is the mother of this world, feeding nature and the people, supplying spiritual and material food to the world. Sexual power is a divine driving force, creating power and uniting people. It is the power of love, making its way into the body. Eros is the sexuality that floats throughout all of creation. The sky makes love to the land, the earth and the sun, full of lust descending into the horizon as sunset. Butterflies and ladybugs have sex on trees’ leaves, spreading their wings with the wind. Flowers, lots of flowers, open up their large, juicy sex organs, colorful and tasty, decorating nature in one big celebration. All of us are born and will die as part of this party.

Love and sexuality have always been a part of Niron’s work, the connection between nature and the female body recurring often in her pieces. Georgia O’Keeffe influenced Niron’s early work strongly; both artists made the connection between flowers and the vagina by positioning the flowers’ reproductive organs in relation to to female genitalia. Such connections transform the female body by turns into that of a god, an innocent, a hero, and a seductress.

The female body represents a wide range of fantasies and feelings; indeed, throughout art history, many influential paintings have taken the “Earth Mother” as a starting point. For example, Gustave Courbet’s 1866 painting “The Origin of the World” can be read to show the “Big Mother” giving birth to nature and everything that surrounds us. This painting was an inspiration for many artists. The vagina was presented as a passionate site, the Holy Grail, an entrance to heaven. Sigmund Freud also supported this sentiment, explaining in his article entitled “The Explanation of Dreams” how the complex topography of the female organs correlates to the image of rocks, forest and water. He adds, “we are familiar with landscape representing the female parts already, the garden is the symbol for the vagina and the flowers represent virginity; as you may recall, bud are the sex organs of the flowers…”


Passion waves lead the eyes into the sacred temple, the sacred flower, heaven, Mother Earth. Its warm, gentle, lust energies run all over.


Passion waves lead the eyes into the sacred temple, the sacred flower, heaven, Mother Earth. Its warm, gentle, lust energies run all over.

Sacred Yoni

Family Womb

The Family Tree, the tree of life…

Naked Woman

The woman is laying down waiting, with no rush.


Woman and man connecting, dancing, merging…


Sensual parts of the body coalescence together..

Holy Yoni

The yoni is a flower, leaves all over. Its the most beautiful flower in earth…



26 David Hamelech Ave.
Tel Aviv,



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