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Elizabeth A.Sackler Center for Feminist Art

Anne Halkett

b. 1623, London; d. 1699, Dunfermline, Scotland

Anne Halkett (née Murray) is known for her autobiographical writings and religious meditations. Of the latter, she published some twenty-one manuscripts, fourteen of which survive in the National Library of Scotland. Lady Halkett’s Memoirs, begun in 1677–78, focus on her pursuit of love, including her relationship with the mysterious Colonel Joseph Bampfield, a spy with whom she helped the duke of York evade imprisonment in 1648. Another source of inspiration was the marital bond with her husband, Sir James Halkett, whom she wed in 1656. She also practiced midwifery and was known for her charitable works; she nursed the wounded in battle and operated a soup kitchen. In her later years, she was a teacher and governess.