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Elizabeth A.Sackler Center for Feminist Art

Veronica Gambara

b. 1485, near Brescia, Italy; d. 1550, Correggio, Italy

Veronica Gambara’s family boasted a number of distinguished intellectuals, including her grandmother and great-aunt, Ginevra and Isotta Nogarola. Educated in literature, philosophy, and languages at an early age, Veronica became a poet and by 1530 was known throughout Italy. Married to the lord of Correggio, after his death in 1518 she took charge of the land as well as the education of her two children. Veronica had many ties to the different forces battling in Italy at the time, including France, Germany, Spain, and the papacy. She took an active role in the military defense of Correggio and addressed poems to various leaders on the necessity of peace that were by turns flattering and stern. Approximately 80 of her poems and 150 of her letters are extant, although there is no full English translation of her work.