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What's Age Got to Do with It? Incarcerating Children and the Elderly
Participants , , Ismael Nazario, Gloria Rubero, Mujahid Farid, Tanesha Ingram, Soffiyah Elijah, Gabrielle Horowitz-Prisco, Tyrell Muhammad

Representatives of the Correctional Association’s "Raise the Age" and "Release of Aging People in Prison" campaigns engage in a dynamic dialogue with each other and the audience about how we are addressing the problems—and how we can make change, as well as art, that supports that change. 

Tanesha Ingram, Youth and Community Coordinator of CA’s Juvenile Justice Project, moderates the afternoon’s conversation with participants including Mujahid Farid, Soros Fellow at the "Release of Aging People in Prison" project; advocate Gloria Rubero; advocate Ismael Nazario; and Gabrielle Horowitz-Prisco, Director of CA’s Juvenile Justice Project. The event concludes with special performances by Saigon from the TV show Love & Hip Hop and by spoken word artist Messiah, who works with youth on Rikers Island.

In partnership with the Correctional Association of New York. Video courtesy of the Elizabeth A. Sackler Foundation.

Part of the ongoing Sackler Center series, States of Denial: The Illegal Incarceration of Women, Children, and People of Color.