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Opencollection API

The Brooklyn Museum must ensure that digital representations of our pieces are properly attributed. Any time you display one of our images you must satisfy one of the following conditions:

Link Back

All OBJECT and EXHIBITION responses have a uri attribute that may be used to link to the relevant page on the Brooklyn Museum Web site.

Field Attribution

If you don't use the Link Back method, there are specific fields that must be displayed or made readily accessible. The set of required fields varies by by item type. For object images, you must display the following values:

title,, object_date, medium, dimensions, credit_line, accession_number, "Brooklyn Museum"

When displaying exhibition images you must display these field values:

title, start_date, end_date, "Brooklyn Museum"

Quick Caption

For convenience, we can provide a "quick caption" as part of image responses. These captions provide all of the attribution information required by the image in a single formatted, plain-text string. To enable captions in the images returned, set include_item_caption to "true" in your method request. Note that if you rely completely on preformatted captions, you should set include_item_fields to "false" in your method request to suppress field data in the response as the field data will be of no use to you.

If you have questions or would like to discuss your implementation with us, please contact us at


When displaying images of objects you must also display the object's title,, artist.dates, medium, dimensions, credit_line, accession_number,, and "Brooklyn Museum"


When displaying images of exhibitions you must also display the exhibition's title, start_date, end_date, and "Brooklyn Museum"