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Opencollection API



id (required)
The id of the image Integer
archives_set_id (required)
The id of the Libraries and Archive set the image is related to if any String
filename (required)
The filename of the image String
caption (required)
The caption of the image String
short_caption (required)
An abbreviated version of the caption String
credit (required)
The credit of the image String
date (required)
Date of the image String
notes (required)
Other notes regarding the image String
page (required)
page String
is_color (required)
Whether the image is color or not. 1 means color, 0 means no color. Integer
file_source (required)
Similar to imaging_project_name String
image_source_size (required)
The dimensions of the image String
imaging_project_name (required)
The name of the project that digitized the image String
date_added (required)
The date the image was added String
copyright_restricted (required)
1 means it is copyright restricted. 0 means it is not. Integer
copy text if any String
copyright statement String
citation String
The name of the archive collection the image is associated with if any String
The folder name of the archive collection associated with the image if any String
The id of the archive collection associated with the image if any Integer
largest_derivative_url (required)
The url to the largest version of the image String
standard_size_url (required)
The url to the standard size version of the image String
geographical_locations (required)
An array of countries that the image is from Array