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Opencollection API



id (required)
ID of the object Integer
title (required)
Title of the object String
accession_number (required)
The object's accession number String
accession_date (required)
The date the object was accessioned String
object_date (required)
Date of the object String
The start date of the object String
The end date of the object String
period (required)
The period of the object if known String
dynasty (required)
The dynasty of the object if known or applicable String
description (required)
The catalogue desciption of the object. This description is a concise explanation of what the object is String
provenance (required)
The provenance of the object String
medium (required)
The medium of the object (e.g. materials object is made of) String
dimensions (required)
The dimenions of the object String
edition (required)
The edition information on the object. E.g. '4/5' String
portfolio (required)
The portfolio information for the object String
state (required)
The state of the object. E.g. 'Trial Proof', 'II/III' String
markings (required)
Information on any markings on the object String
signed (required)
Information on signature placement and/or content. String
inscribed (required)
Information on inscription placement and/or content. String
credit_line (required)
Information on aquisition credit String
copyright (required)
copyright String
rights_statement (required)
The rights statement for the object String
classification (required)
E.g. Photograph String
public_access (required)
1 if the object is publicly accessible, 0 if not Integer
approvals_mask (required)
The approvals mask value Integer
copyright_restricted (required)
1 if copyright restricted. 0 if not Integer
visible (required)
1 if visible. 0 if not Integer
completeness (required)
On a scale of 0-100%, how complete is data regarding this object
date_added (required)
Date the object was added to the collection String
museum_location (required)
The location in the museum where the object is located
primary_image (required)
The highest ranked (highest quality) image available for this object String
labels (required)
An array of text labels (such as more in depth object descriptions detailing the object's background, importance, and other historical information) associated with an object Array
artists (required)
An array of artists who made the object Array
collections (required)
An array of collections the object is a part of Array
exhibitions (required)
An array of exhibitions the object has been, and currently is a part of Array
An array of images of the object, grouped by rank. Rank determines the relative importance of the images i.e. a lower rank corresponds with better image. Array
An array of objects related to the current object Array
geographical_locations (required)
An array of geographical location data about the object Array
An array of videos about the object Array