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Brooklyn Artists Biennial Exhibition

DATES February 15, 1950 through March 22, 1950
  • February 15, 1950 The Brooklyn Artists Biennial Exhibition, sponsored jointly by the Brooklyn Museum and the Brooklyn Society of Artists opened yesterday afternoon at the Brooklyn Museum with a preview for Museum members, exhibiting artists and their guests.

    The exhibition, which is open to all artists now living or teaching in Brooklyn, was selected from 686 entries, includes 124 works in all media, by 124 artists. This year it is held under a new policy. Previously an annual show, it is now scheduled biennially. No jury exemptions are granted.

    The jury of selection and award was comprised of four artists, two of whom are members of the Brooklyn Society of Artists and the representative of the Brooklyn Museum in charge of the exhibition. The members of the jury for this exhibition were: Joseph De Martini, Mary Kellner (B.S.A.), William Kienbusch, Nancy Ranson (B.S.A.), Hertha Wegener, Assistant Curator of Paintings and Sculpture of the Brooklyn Museum.

    The prizes were donated jointly by Abraham and Straus and the Brooklyn Society of Artists. The show, which was organized and installed by Hertha Wegener, will be on view in the Entrance Hall and Special Exhibition Galleries of the Museum through March 22.

    The prizes were presented at the preview by Robert E. Blum, Vice President of Abraham and Straus to the winners listed below:

    Albert J. Kaytor; Sunday Dinner with Monkey; Prize: ($100.00 U.S. Savings Bond)
    Sofia Sadron; The Deposition; Honorable Mention
    John Von Wicht; Soundpiece No. 4, John J. Becker; Honorable Mention

    Morris Shulman; Rocks and Sea; Prize: ($100.00 U.S. Savings Bond)
    Thomas R. Barrett; Pine Tree; Honorable Mention
    Minna Citron; Catherine's Wheel; Honorable Mention

    Joseph Konzal; The Dancers; Prize: ($100.00 U.S. Savings Bond)
    Nathaniel Kaz; African Drummer; Honorable Mention

    Gabor F. Peterdi; Alexander; Prize: ($100.00 U.S. Savings Bond)
    Martin Friedman; Mother and Child; Honorable Mention

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1947 - 1952. 01-03/1950, 014.
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  • April 23, 1950 Artists living or teaching in Brooklyn have observed the world around them and reported back on canvas and in sculpture for the Brooklyn Artists Biennial Exhibition which opens today Wednesday, April 23, to the public in the Brooklyn Museum. The exhibit is sponsored by the Brooklyn Society of Artists and the Museum.

    The show presents 114 paintings, drawings, prints and sculptured objects which were selected by a distinguished jury from among 800 entries, an increase over any previous year.

    Borough President John Cashmore presented winners with their $100 savings bonds at the private opening last evening Tuesday April 22. Prizes were donated jointly by Abraham & Straus and the Brooklyn Society of Artists. The show is held at The Brooklyn Museum every two years and comes, appropriately enough, to the museum this year during the celebration of Better Brooklyn Month, April 21, to May 21.

    The jury included Federico Castellon, Paul Mommer, Ethel Katz, Joseph Konzal, John I.H. Baur, Curator of Paintings and Sculpture at the Museum.

    Awards, made in each of the media of oil painting, water color, sculpture and graphic arts, were made to:

    Reuben Tam, for "Dark Mountain", prize;
    Martin Friedman, for "Nocturne", honorable mention;
    Charles Schucker, for "Swing High," honorable mention;
    Tromka, for "The "El", honorable mention;

    Michael Ross, for "Rondo", prize;
    Jacob Lawrence, for "Bull Fighters", honorable mention;
    Mildred Simonson, for "Whither Thou Goest", honorable mention;

    Nathaniel Kaz, for "Cyrano", prize;

    William Kienbusch, for "Black Spruce", prize;
    Walter R. Rogalski, for "White Claw", honorable mention.

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1947 - 1952. 01-03/1950, 030.
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