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Working in Brooklyn: Painting

DATES June 12, 1987 through September 07, 1987
COLLECTIONS Contemporary Art
  • June 12, 1987 Working in Brooklyn/Painting, the second in a series of exhibitions organized by The Brooklyn Museum and devoted entirely to the work of Brooklyn artists, will be on view in the Robert E. Blum Gallery, located on the first floor, from June 12 through September 17, 1987. Among the twenty painters represented will be both recognized artists who have worked in the borough for a number of years and lesser-known painters who have recently moved their studios to Brooklyn. The presentation includes approximately 70 paintings ranging from the whimsical to the monumental.

    “Because we feel a special responsibility to the local artist community, which exists without an elaborate commercial and institutional structure, two years ago we initiated a series of contemporary exhibitions devoted entirely to Brooklyn artists,” commented Robert T. Buck, Director of The Brooklyn Museum. “We are proud to include in the present exhibition a number of younger artists who are not represented by commercial galleries and have only begun to exhibit their work publicly, yet whose talents suggest a great potential for growth and accomplishment,” he said.

    The artists represented in the exhibition are: Francisco Alvarado-Juarez, Diane Bertolo, Michael David, StanoFilko, Glenn Goldberg, Gary Lang, Thomas Lawson, Valters Lindbergs, Irene Lipton, David Mann, Roxi Marsen, Chris Martin, George McNeil, Susan Wilmarth Rabineau, Dan Rice, Henry Leo Schoebel, Raul Serrano, Stuart Shedletsky, Elyse Taylor, and Christina Viera.

    According to Charlotta Kotik, Curator of Contemporary Art at The Brooklyn Museum, who organized and selected the works for the exhibition, Working in Brooklyn/Painting represents a good cross section of various styles of painting flourishing in Brooklyn, as well as the broad range of ideas and issues important to artists nationwide. Besides celebrating the substantial amount of work being created in the borough, the presentation also constitutes a tribute to George McNeil, who was born in Brooklyn almost eighty years ago and taught at Pratt Institute for thirty-two years. Five of the artist’s monumental paintings are included in the exhibition.

    Working in Brooklyn/Painting has been made possible, in part, by the Dime Savings Bank of New York, FSB. The exhibition is accompanied by an illustrated catalogue ($3.95).

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1971 - 1988. 1987, 046-47.
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  • June 12, 1987 The press release recently sent to you for the exhibition Working in Brooklyn/Painting inadvertently listed an incorrect closing date for the show. Please be advised that the correct closing date is September 7, 1987. Any future mention of the exhibition should carry this date.

    We apologize for the error and any inconvenience correcting it may cause you.

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1971 - 1988. 1987, 059.
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