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4 Americans: Aspects of Current Sculpture

DATES February 24, 1989 through May 15, 1989
COLLECTIONS Contemporary Art
  • February 1, 1989 The work of four contemporary American sculptors will be featured in an exhibition at The Brooklyn Museum opening February 24. Entitled 4 Americans: Aspects of Current Sculpture, the exhibition will present the work of Joel Fisher, Mel Kendrick, Robert Lobe and John Newman. It will comprise 46 works in a variety of media that range in date from 1976 to 1989. This exhibition will be on view in the Museum’s Robert E. Blum Gallery, located on the first floor, through May 15, 1989.

    Within the last five years sculpture has enjoyed a revitalization in American art. 4 Americans: Aspects of Current Sculpture will explore the work of Fisher, Kendrick, Lobe and Newman, artists who are approaching mid career and who are important figures in this recent revival.

    The artists’ personal styles have developed according to similar patterns. During their student years all four were influenced by the principles of Minimalism and incorporated them into their early work. However, once they believed they had exhausted Minimalism’s possibilities, each artist began to reinvestigate the more traditional principles of space, volume and mass. From this exploration all four arrived at their present interest in and interpretation of a wide variety of cultural and natural phenomena.

    The exhibition has been selected and organized by Charlotta Kotik, Curator of Contemporary Art at The Brooklyn Museum. It has received support from The FUNd at The Brooklyn Museum, the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency, and the Museum Council of The Brooklyn Museum. An illustrated catalogue accompanies the exhibition.

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