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International Exhibition of Etchings [Print Club of Philadelphia]

DATES February 03, 1929 through February 27, 1929
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  • January 30, 1929 An etching show of unusually high calibre and of wide appeal is to be opened in the Brooklyn Museum Print Gallery on Sunday, February 3rd to continue until February 27th. The is the International Exhibition of Etchings assembled by the Print Club of Philadelphia.

    Mrs. Andrew Wright Crawford, Director of the Club, went abroad last summer for the express purpose of assembling this show. Owing to the cordial relations existing between the Philadelphia Print Club and the Museum's Print Department, it is possible to exhibit this remarkable collection in Greater New York.

    It is unusually comprehensive in scope as the 225 prints represent artists from England, Ireland, Russia, Norway, Sweden, Czechoslovakia, India, Greece, Holland, Japan, Belgium, France, Germany, Scotland, Italy, Austria and Spain. The largest groups are from England, France, Germany, Italy and Sweden. The exhibition met with overwhelming success in Philadelphia: such a success that it was a surprise to the Print Club which appreciated that it would necessarily be well received but had not accurately predicted the unusual enthusiasm that it aroused. The exhibition presents an excellent opportunity for students of the etching to compare the work of the well-known and lesser-known artists of the several countries named above. Recounting the names of several of the artists represented clearly demonstrates the caliber of the exhibition to these familiar with the well-known names in this medium.

    England: Stanley Anderson, Job Nixin, Martin Hardie, Edmund Blamfried, Malcolm Osborne, Norman Janes, Gerlad L. Brockhurst, Ethel Gabain, Augustus E. John, H. Gordon Warlow, Edmund J. Sullivan. Norway: A. Hammarbach, Olaf Willums, J. Nordhagen. France: Verge Sarrat, Jacques Beurdeley, Aristide Maillol, Marie Laurencin, Camille Pissarro, Albert Besnard, Picasso, Dunoyer de Segonzac. Germany: Rudolph Grossman, Pechstein, Lievermann, Carl Hofer, Aichinger, H. Thiel Roux, Alpha. Czechslovakia: Livia Kadar, Szonyi, Zado, Komjathy. Sweden: Gustav Magnusson, Harald Sallberg, Emil Johanson-Thor, Knut Janson, Axel Fridell. Holland: J. Poortenaar. Greece: G. Contant. Scotland: James McBey, Camercon, Muirhead Bone. Italy: Celestino Celestini, E. Mazzoni-Zarini, Checchi.

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1916 - 1930. 01-03/1929, 012-3.
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