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Oil Paintings by Brooklyn and Long Island Artists

DATES November 21, 1930 through January 02, 1931
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  • November 12, 1930 To the Art Editor:

    It will not be possible to have an advance review by your department before the Morning of November 19th, as the material for the next painting exhibition will not be on hand and in reviewable shape until then. However, we are doing our best to have it ready by Wednesday, so that the review can appear in the Sunday edition on the 23rd, two days after the opening.

    This new exhibition will be the work of living artists whose residence or studios are in Brooklyn or on Long Island.

    We hope that you will be able to come for an advance review but in any case we will hope to see you at the opening which is on Friday the 21st with the usual afternoon tea.

    Very truly yours,



    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1916 - 1930. 10-12_1930, 162.
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  • November 12, 1930 The next large and important exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum will be the first of its kind ever held. It is a show being arranged by the Museum authorities of the work of artists who either live or have their working studios in Brooklyn or Long Island. The entire show will be composed of oil paintings by living artists. Practically all of the exhibits will be recent work.

    The exhibition will open on November 21st to the artists: Museum members and their guests. The public opening will be on Saturday, November 22nd and the show will continue through January 1st.

    The list of the exhibiting artists is attached:
    Khosrov Ajootian
    Eleanor C. Bannister
    Rutledge Bate
    Clara Louise Bell
    Charlotte Blass
    Fega Blumberg
    Mons Breidvik
    Carle Michel Boog
    Frederick J. Boston
    Henry W. Busing
    Charles Carlson
    Harry Carlson
    Hy Cohen
    Fred Cuming
    B. L. Cuming
    John Cunning
    William Steeple Davis
    Lionel Deane
    M. G. Debonnet
    Frederick K. Detwiller
    Benjamin Eggleston
    Paula Eliasoph
    Walter Farndon
    Bena Frank
    Kate Mann Franklin
    Maitland E. Graves
    Elizabeth W. Hamilton
    E. Grace Hanks
    Arnold H. Haverlee
    A. C. Henshaw
    Harry Hering
    Max Hermann
    Arthur Turnbull Hill
    Stefan Hirsch
    Milton Horn
    Whitney M. Hubbard
    Lucy W. Hurry
    John Wells James
    Ruth Jonas
    Eugene Jones
    Leon Foster Jones
    Nell Choate Jones
    Oscar Julius
    Julia Kelly
    Hamilton King
    James Knox
    Benjamin Kopman
    Doris Barsky Kreindler
    Mary Kumpf
    Myron Lechay
    William R. Leigh
    Ruth Light
    Alice G. Locke
    Katherine A. Lovell
    Harold Lund
    Nicolas S. Macsoud
    Louise Buckingham Mansfield
    William F. Matthews
    Ralph Mayer
    Bela Mayer
    J. P. Rickard
    Edward Herbert Miner
    Sigvard M. Mohn
    C. Gunnar Molin
    Frank Mura
    Joseph Newman
    Aida Pederefsky
    William A. Patty
    Agnes Pelton
    Clara Fairfield Perry
    Raymond Perry
    Bernhof Peterson
    Eugen H. Petersen
    Carlotta Petrina
    John Petrina
    Victor Petry
    A. Phillips
    Cipe Pineles
    Ogden M. Pleissner
    Maud H. Purdy
    Fred Pye
    Surica S. Rein
    Charles M. Relyea
    Agnes M. Richmond
    Harry Roseland
    Samuel Rothbart
    Robert K. Ryland
    Maré Sassé
    Edith Sawyer
    Hanns T. Scheidacker
    Rudolf Scheffler
    Andrew T. Schwartz
    Augusta Sittig
    W. E. Spader
    William Starkweather
    Beaulah Stevenson
    Stanley Todd
    Jennings Tafel
    Emilia A. Traverso
    Herman Trunk, Jr.
    Winthrop Turney
    Louis J. Urich
    Charles Vezin
    John von Wicht
    Henry Wellington Wack
    A. Walkowitz
    Hans Axel Walleen
    Edmond Weill
    Isabel L. Whitney
    Loris A. Withers
    Arthur W. Woelfle

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1916 - 1930. 10-12_1930, 163-4.
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