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Paintings, Sculpture & Prints by the New York Society of Women Artists & the Society of Swedish Women Artists

DATES November 23, 1931 through January 01, 1932
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  • November 22, 1931 November 22 1931

    Opening to the Public on November 24th and continuing through December, the Brooklyn Museum will present two exhibitions by women artists. One of these will be a collection of the work of modern Swedish women of note in their own land and throughout Europe. The other group is of a contrasting type in execution and outlook, The New York Society of Women Artists. This society was founded six years ago to fill a need for some sort of organization among the more progressive of the younger women painters of the vicinity, and to act as an aid in the presentation of their work to the public.

    The Swedish Women’s Society was founded at the beginning of this century and for several years confined its exhibitions to the native country; not until 1913 at the invitation of fellow artists in Vienna when it arranged an exhibition in that city did it leave its own provenance. Since then, following the initial plans of its inception the Society has become a familiar name in the galleries of Europe. Prior to the Brooklyn showing of this work it was exhibited for some time in the John Morton Memorial Building at the Pennsylvania Museum, in Philadelphia. Among the painters represented in the catalogue are such well known names as Thyra Appleberg, Elizabeth Barnekow, Lisa Bianchini, Elsa Strom-Ciacelli, Frida Edstrom, Hedvig Strandberg and Astrid Whalstedt.

    In a general way the Work of the Swedish contingent is of the very conservative kind, somewhat academic in technic and it will be interesting to compare the work of the two societies of women from widely different environments with contrasting approaches and even more widely divergent aims in their art. The New York Seciety of Women Artists is frankly modern in its trend and numbers among its roster some of the best known women who have found expression in the advanced technic and form of the moderns.

    In their group will be paintings in several mediums and a number of pieces of sculpture in wood, bronze and marble. The membership of the Society is limited to as small a number as is in harmony with their practice of encouraging the younger painters who are received from time to time into the organization by vote of the members. The entire society is represented in the collection of this exhibition supplemented by two guest exhibitors, Georgina Klitgaard and Fega Blumberg. Also there will be an interesting Memorial group of drawings by Marjorie Organ (Mrs. Robert Henri). Marjorie Organ was so absorbed in her hushand's work that her own was not known to a very great extent to the general public, and it was only due to the enthuaism of her artist friends that this memorial exhibition of her work was arranged. Included with several pieces not before shown are some of the drawings she executed while with Henri on one of numerous painting visits in Spain.

    Among the artists represented in this group are Theresa Bernstein, Elizabeth Grandin, Anne Goldthwaite, Minna E. Harhavy, Margaret Huntington, Ruth Jonas, Molly Luce, Alice M Newton, Mildred Peabody, Doris Rosenthal, Concetta Scaravaglione, Mary Tannshill, Lillian Wadsworth and Agnes Weinrich.

    Opening with private view and tea for members of the Museum and exhibiting artists and their friends on November 23rd and open to the public on the 24th.

    Ready for critics view Thursday. November 19th.

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1931 - 1936. 07-12_1931, 132-3.
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  • December 5, 1931 The two exhibitions of women painters now current at the Brooklyn Museum have been extraordinarily well attended from the first day when more than 2400 visitors attended the opening view.

    Several sales have been made from the collection of paintings of the New York Society of Women Artists, including the purchase by Marie Sterner the well known dealer and art critic, of one of the drawings by Marjorie Organ. Marjorie Organ was the wife of Robert Henri and many of her sketches are intimate glimpses of her husband and his associates. The drawing acquired by Mrs. Sterner is a rather more finished portrait—caricature of Henri with William Butler Yeats and John Sloan.

    Mrs. Sterner sponsored the recent exhibition of modern paintings by international artists at the museum.

    Concurrent with the exhibition by the New York Women, is a collection of paintings by the Society of Swedish Women Artists. The exhibition will continue through December.

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1931 - 1936. 07-12_1931, 134.
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