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Paintings by American Impressionists and Other Artists of the Period 1880-1900

DATES January 18, 1932 through February 28, 1932
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  • January 17, 1932 “Exhibition of Paintings by American Impressionists and other Painters of the period 1880–1900" will open at the Brooklyn Museum on Tuesday, January the nineteenth with a private reception and review for members on the preceeding monday evening. The exhibition will [unintelligible] the month of February.

    The exhibition is not a comprehensive one by design but aims to place a few accents on the period, the exhibitor, "We all deceased and in the majority of cases sufficient time has passed for a real evaluation to be possible.
    Among the artists whose work will be shown are John W. Alexander, Mary Cassatt, William M.Chase, Henry G. Dearth, John Twachtman, Johan Alden Weir and others.

    This span of twenty years is one of the richest in the history of American Art and within that comparatively short period many changes and developments occurred. The Munich School and the Beaux-Arts-Bougu¬reau style reacher their apex and then passed away with the advent of the Impressionist movement. Students returned from abroad full of the enthusiasm of the new view toward color and the charms of the new technic. But despite the preponderance of European taste in all the culture of America at that time there were a few hardy soul who had withstood the convention that required the artist to study abroad and in their quiet way a few of them had attained an important individualism that has placed them well in the foreground of art. Certainly A. P. Ryder and Arthur B. Davies could not well be classed under the banner of Impressionism but their place in American art is as sure as their Americanism.

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1931 - 1936. 01-06_1932, 004.
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  • January 18, 1932 The outstanding event of the season at the Brooklyn Museum will be the Members' Evening: on Monday. January 18th. The occasion will be the opening of the brilliant exhibition of “Paintings by American Impressionists and Other Artists of the Period 1880–1900”. The fourth floor galleries will be opened at 7:30 for inspection of the exhibition and at 9:00 the Stradivarius String Quartet and Frank Sheridan, the distinguished pianist will present a musical program in the Sculpture Court.
    Members, and wives of members of the Museum's Governing Board will act as hostesses for the affair. Their names are as follows:
    Mrs. Kenneth Frazier
    Mrs. Luke Vincent Lockwood
    Mrs. John Hill Morgan
    Mrs. Frederic B. Pratt
    Mrs. Mary Childs Draper
    Mrs. John T. Underwood
    Mrs. William H. Good
    Mrs. Edward C. Blum
    Mrs. Dean C. Osborne

    Officers of the Junior League and members of the League’s Museum Committee will also assist during the evening. The following members have been invited to serve:
    Miss Nancy Humpstone
    Miss Elizabeth Garvin
    Mrs. Earl Harris
    Miss Dorothy Johnson
    Miss Frances Keech
    Mrs. Edwin P. Maynard, Jr.
    Mrs. Robert A. Bardack
    Mrs. Grant Caldwell
    Mrs, John B. Dunlop
    Miss Lois Thayer
    Mrs. Edmond Drewson
    Miss Marjorie Fitch
    Miss Mary Francis
    Mrs. Coverly Fischer
    Miss Florence E. Read
    Mrs. Robert E. Blum
    Miss Micheline Allen
    Miss Arrietta Smith
    Miss Evelyn Sherman
    Mrs. Austen Tomes

    To the Society Editor
    Will you have a reporter here for this?
    Thank you.

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1931 - 1936. 01-06_1932, 006.
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