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International Watercolor Exhibition, 7th Biennial

DATES January 23, 1933 through February 27, 1933
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  • January 14, 1933 On Tuesday, January 24th (to members January 23rd) the Brooklyn Museum will place on view the biennial exhibition of Water Colors, Pastels and Drawings by American and European artists to remain until February 27th. This exhibition has come to be considered one of the outstanding events of the New York art season, and this year will include some of the best known artists in France, Germany and the United States. As the Museum has an international reputation for its permanent water color collection it keeps in touch with the trend of events in this line of creative endeavor by periodic exhibitions, of which this is the seventh. Shown simultaneously with this group will be the Brooklyn Society of Miniature Painters, with 33 exhibitors and 68 entries.

    Among the 214 exhibitions in the water color show are Boris Anisfeld, Theresa Bernstein, Buk, Leon Carroll, Clarence H. Carter, Mabel Dwight, Eugene Fitsch, Bertram Goodman, Stefan Hirsch, Emil Holzhauer, Charles Hopkinson, Henry G. Keller, John R. Koopman, John Lavalle, Bernard Lintott, Jerome Myers, Henry Varnum Poor, Marguerite and William Zorach, Andre Derain, Raoul Dufy, Andre Lhote, Irene Reno, Otto Dix, Georg Erler, Wilhelm Rudolph, Paul Wilhelm, and Francis Chapin.

    NOTE: This exhibition will b-e ready for press view on Tuesday morning January 17th. Photographs can be ordered at that time.

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1916 - 1930. 01-03_1933, 006.
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