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Fine Prints of the Year 1934

DATES January 07, 1935 through February 07, 1935
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  • January 3, 1932 The exhibition of Fine Prints of the Year 1934 will open at the Brooklyn Museum on Monday, January 7, with a reception and private view from three to six in the afternoon. It will be opened to the public the following day. Fifty-two British printmakers, eight Continental European and forty American are represented. The American prints were selected by Miss Susan A. Hutchinson, Curator of the Print Department of the Brooklyn Museum. The British and Continental prints were selected by Malcolm A. Salaman.
    In connection with the exhibition the Museum has published a catalogue with a foreward by Miss Hutchinson. The catalogue contains a brief note on each of the on hundred print makers in the exhibition and reproduced and in which there is an introduction by Mr. Salaman and Miss Hutchinson.

    The Americans included are James A. Allen, Peggy Bacon, Gifford Beal, Richard E. Bishop, Andrew R. Butler, John E. Costingan, Kerr Eby, Philip H. Giddens, Anne Goldthwaite, Thomas Handforth, Childe Hassam, Arthur W. Heintzelman, Irwin D. Goffman, Edward T. Hurley, Alfred Hutty, Troy Kinney, Armin Landeck, Robert Lawson, Beatrice E. Levy, Martion Lewis, William Meyerowitz, Frank H. Nackivell, Thomas W. Nason, Robert H. Nibet, Abbo Ostrowky, Roi Partridge, Orville H. Peets, Louis C. Rosenberg, Ernest D. Roth, Alex R. Stavenita, Harry Sternberg, Albert Sterner, Walter Tittle H. Emerson Tuttle, Herman A. Webster, Levon West, Harry E. Wickey, Stephens Wright, and Mahonri Young.

    The exhibition is limited to copperplate work and therefore excludes lithography and woodcuts.

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1931 - 1936. 1935, 001.
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  • January 7, 1935 The Fine Prints of the Year, 1934, Exhibition opened this afternoon at the Brooklyn Museum with a preview and tea for Museum Members and their guests, and friends of the Museum. Members of the Print Round Table Group acted as hostesses. Mrs. William H. Cary planned the tea table decorations. Mrs. Cary is an authority on such matters and is the author of a book on table decorations.

    The hostesses were:
    Mrs. Harold J Baily
    Mrs. Robert E. Blum
    Mrs. J. D. Erskine
    Mrs. Henry A. Ingraham
    Miss Grave Ingraham
    Miss Jessie Post
    Mrs. Hugo C. M. Wendel
    Miss Helen M. Fogg
    Miss Marguerite H. Taylor
    Mrs. Louis Lowinson
    Mrs. Philip Newell Youtz

    Among those present were:-
    Mr. Walter Crittenden
    Mr. Beaumont Newhall
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Sawyer, Addison Gallery of American Art, Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass.
    Mr. Forest Grant
    Mrs. William H. Cary
    Mrs. George Cary
    Mrs. James H. Post
    Mrs. Charles F. Zimmele
    Mr. Charles F. Zimmele
    Miss E. L. Baron
    Miss E. H. Baron
    Mr. and Mrs. G. Schenck Van Siclen
    Mrs. Guy Duval
    Miss D.C. Louis
    Miss Mary P Burtis
    Mr. Morris Greenberg
    Miss Mary I. Lott
    Miss Jane Hunter
    Mrs. Edward Macy
    Dr. and Mrs. Herbert J. Spinden
    Miss Bertha Hall
    Mrs. C. H. Dunlop
    Mr. James E. Allen
    Mr. and Mrs. Mons Breidvik
    The Misses White
    Mr. and Mrs. John I. H. Baur
    Mt. Richmond B. Williams
    Mr. F. K. Ruprecht
    Mr. and Mrs. James E. Allen
    Mrs. Ruby Warren Newby
    Miss Edna T. Heald
    Mrs. Edward Haynes
    Mr. and Mrs. William Meyerowitz (the former Theresa Bernstein)
    Mr. Milton Horn
    Miss Julia Duval
    Mr. J. G. Jennings
    Mr. Robert Bersohn
    Mr. Charles Z. Offin
    Mr. John Hines
    Mrs. Henry S. Sterling
    Mrs. C. Stuart Gager
    Miss Caroline M. Redmond
    Miss L. Coulton
    Mr. and Mrs. James W. Burbank
    Miss Agnes Fernlach
    Mr. J.D. Erskine
    Major and Mrs. Charles E. Petts
    Mrs. R. Edson Doolittle
    Mrs. Audrey R. McMahon
    Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Tittle
    Miss Mary Gibson
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Stevens
    Mr. Harold J. Baily
    Miss Isabel Bishop

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1931 - 1936. 1935, 002-3.
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