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Junior League of America Regional Art Exhibition, Region 2

DATES April 12, 1935 through April 28, 1935
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  • April 13, 1935 In the Art Exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum by Region II of the Association of Junior Leagues of America, the following awards were announced yesterday afternoon, April 12:

    1st-Silk Textile Design; by Julia English, Brooklyn, N.Y.
    2nd-Woven Dollies; by Mrs. Keene Richards, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

    1st-Opal Ring; by Isabel Mills, Brooklyn, N.Y.
    2nd-Silver Teaspoon; by Mildred Broughton, Trenton, N.J.

    1st-Babette; by Mrs. A. H. Nichols, West Orange, N.J.
    2nd-Grace; by Virginia Morgan, Rochester, N.Y.
    2nd-Hand of Child; by Mrs. William H. Osborne, Neward, N.J.
    Honorable Mention-New Life-New Born; by Ilse K. Dunbar, Kingston, N.Y.

    1st-German Worker; by Margaret Marvin, Troy, N.Y.
    2nd-After Forty; by Peggy Peplow
    Honorable Mention-Quarry Drawing; by Marion McComb, Montclair, N.J.

    Open Class
    1st-3 Model stage set for Jack and the Bean Stalk; by Ruth Good, South Orange, N.J.
    2nd-2 Indian Marionettes; by the Children’s Theatre Committee, Trenton, N.J.

    1st-Petit Point Bag; by Carol Pratt, Englewood, N.J.
    2nd-Petit Point Bag; by Arrietta H. Smith, Brooklyn, N.Y.
    Honorable Mention Needlepoint Bell Pull; by Emmy Reynolds, West Orange, N.J.
    Honorable Mention Needlepoint Fire Screen; by Mrs. Richard L. McClonahan, New York City

    1st-Green Bowl; by Jean Moment, Plainfield, N.J.

    1st-Study of a Colored Man; by Marion McComb, Montclair, N.J.
    2nd-Peggy’s Cove; by Anna H. Corbett, Brooklyn, N.Y.
    Honorable Mention-The Green Dove; by Elizabeth Du M. Perry, Brooklyn, N.Y.

    Water Color
    1st-Still Life; by Mrs. J. A. Drain, Brooklyn, N.Y.
    2nd-Printemps et Automne; by Mrs. Stewart Lyman, Englewood, N.J.
    Honorable Mention-Design in Tempura; by Florence Read, Brooklyn, N.Y.

    1st-Newby Bridge; by Annie Mary Bailey, Brooklyn, N.Y.
    2nd-Virginia Colts; by Aahoe Talbot, Englewood, N.J.
    Honorable Mention-Still Life; by Mrs. Truman Brown, Albany, N.Y.

    The closing date of this exhibition is April 19.

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1931 - 1936. 04-06_1935, 055-6.
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  • The Art Exhibition of Region II of the Association of .Junior Leagues of America, was opened Friday afternoon, April 12, at the Brooklyn Museum by Mrs. Helen Appelton Read with her lecture “The Artist Descends from His Ivory Tower." Mr. Philip N. Youtz, Director of the Brooklyn Museum, and Mr. Edwin H. Thatcher, Commissioner of Buildings in the Borough of Brooklyn, also spoke. Miss Althea McCammon, President of the .Junior League of Brooklyn. introduced the speakers of the afternoon.
    Among the visiting delegates to the exhibition were:

    Mrs. E. C. MacVeagh, New York
    Mrs. Philip Hofer, New York
    Miss Mary M. Parsons, New York
    Mrs. Edward Keat, Jr., Binghamton
    Mrs. Charles Quillamn, Binghampton
    Mrs. Richmond Meyer, Poughkeepsie
    Mrs. Everett L. Sweet, Poughkeepsie
    Mrs. James E. Neighbore, Poughkeepsie
    Mrs. R. George Kuser, Trenton
    Mrs. F. A. Krayer, Montclair
    Elizabeth Wales, Englewood
    Mrs. George T. Gretton, Trenton
    Mrs. J. Robert McNeil, Trenton
    Miss Sally Tattersall, Trenton
    Mrs. David Van Alstyne, Jr., Englewood, N.J.
    Mrs. Franklin R. Dorman, Englewood, N.J.
    Marian McComb, Montclair
    Katherine Webb, Montclair
    Ruth Voorhees, Plainfield
    Margaret Newman, Newark
    Carol Hinman, Orange
    Katina S. Leeb, Orange
    Mary S. Campbell, Elizabeth
    Jane Little Phillips, Rochester
    Mrs. Henry Bayard Clark, Elizabeth
    Jane Little Phillips, Rochester
    Mrs. Henry Bayard Clark, Elizabeth
    Anne Gaillard Baldwin, Elizabeth
    Mrs. Stuart Hawkes, Newark
    Joan Hay Rock, Newark
    Mrs. Donald Sinclair, Englewood
    Others present at the tea were
    Miss Emily Goetze
    Mrs. Robert Winslow
    Mrs. Carroll J. Dickson
    Mrs. Waldo McAttacheon McKee
    Mrs. Julian D. Fairchild
    Mrs. Frank E. Simmons
    Mrs. Theodore Fitz Randolph
    Mrs. W. Coverly Fischer
    Mrs. Gordon Thayer
    Miss Florence read
    Miss Arrietta Smith
    Miss Dorothy Johnson
    Mrs. Charles Liginston
    Mrs. Edward C. Thayer
    Mrs. James B. Clarke, Jr.
    Miss Mary Thayer
    Mrs. Katherine S. Pratt
    Mr. & Mrs. George S. Frank
    Mrs. John Dunlop
    Miss Frances Ryder
    Miss Marion Barnard
    Mrs. Merton Perry
    Miss Catherine Van Brunt
    Mrs. Chauncy Newkin
    Mrs. Edmund Drewson
    Miss Frances Simpson
    Miss Grace Ingraham
    Mrs. John H. Livingston
    Miss Ruth Hart
    Mrs. Prudence Gager
    Miss Gertrude Van Brunt
    Mrs. C. Stuart Gager
    Mrs. Gilbert Tlinkield
    Mrs. Ronald Hart
    Miss Harriet Cross
    Mrs. Harry W. Cross
    Mrs. Edward J. MacDonald
    Mrs. Frederick McCammon
    Miss Hanna T. Rose
    Mrs. Michelle Murphy
    Miss Isabel Spaulding
    Mr. John I.H. Baur
    Mr. Grant H. Code
    Mrs. Maxwell Lester
    Mrs. William H. Price
    Miss Nancy Humpstone
    Mrs. Wilson Holden
    Mrs. John Pogue
    Mrs. Cameron Duncan
    Miss Virgina Felter
    Miss Marjorie MacDonald
    Miss Julia English

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1931 - 1936. 04-06_1935, 057.
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  • April 12, 1935 ARTS and CRAFTS EXHIBITION
    under the auspices of
    at the Brooklyn Museum Eastern Parkway
    April 12th through April 19th, 1935

    Mr. Charles A. Aiken
    Mr. Herbert B. Tschudy
    Miss Elizabeth Haynes
    Mr. C. Hamilton Preston
    Mr. Phillip N. Youtz

    No.; Name; League; Title; Prize
    1; Ilse K. Dunbar; Kingston; New Life; H. M.
    2; Virginia L. Morgan; Rochester; Grace - terra cotta head; 2nd
    3; Elizabeth K. Nichols; The Oranges; Babette; 1st
    4; Mrs. W. H. Osborne, Jr.; Newark; Child's Head; 2nd
    5; Mrs. A. W. Price; Brooklyn; Three Little Pigs ;
    6; Mrs. Rowland Vermilye; Englewood; Bronze Inkstand ;
    7; Edith Warren; Brooklyn; Seated Bronze Dog ;
    8; Catherine E. Wilkinson; Newark; Child ;
    9; Ethel Halsey Blum; New York; Under the El. ;
    10; Virginia B. Clarke; Brooklyn; Portrait ;
    11; Kate Coe; Englewood; Tropical Fish ;
    12; Anna H. Corbett; Brooklyn; Peggy's Cove; 1st
    13; Harriet B. Cross; Brooklyn; Jimmy ;
    14; Elizabeth Davis; Binghamton; Abstraction ;
    15; Eloise Dixon; The Oranges; Negro Head ;
    16; Elizabeth Eaton; Montclair; Bowl of Roses ;
    17; Margaret Hansen; Schenectady; Zinnias ;
    18; Mrs. Lindsay Jarvis; Englewood; Flower Piece ;
    19; Doris I. Johnson; Trenton; Portrait ;
    20; Margaret Marvin; Troy; Elisha ;
    21; Margaret McClave; Englewood; Portrait ;
    22; Marian McComb; Montclair; Study of a colored Man; 1st
    23; Kathleen E. Metcalfe; Brooklyn; Finger Painting ;
    24; Hope Nelson; Englewood; Autumn Woods ;
    25; Elizabeth D. Perry; Brooklyn; The Green Dove H. M. ;
    26; Mrs. Alden Rogers; Buffalo; Veronica ;
    27; Catherine H. Schoonmaker; Newburgh; Landscape ;
    28; Anne M. Sneed; Newburgh; South Garden ;
    29; Anita Tompkins; Newburgh; Still Life ;
    30; Mrs. Tracy S. Voorhees; Brooklyn; New Mexico Trees (screen) ;
    31; Mrs. William Wenstrom; Englewood; Girl in Yellow ;
    32; Frances Weston Elizabeth; Spruce; Trees ;
    33; Jane White; Montclair; Portrait ;
    34; Ethel Halsey Blum; New York; Rain on Main Street ;
    35; Miriam Clifton; Montclair; View at Shelter Island ;
    36; Anna Corbett; Brooklyn; Chinese Fisherman ;
    37; Anna H. Corbett; Brooklyn; Going Before the Wind ;
    38; Harriet B. Cross; Brooklyn; Sweetheart Roses ;
    39; Mrs. J. A. Drain; Brooklyn; Still Life; 1st
    40; Evelyn E. Field; Rochester; Normandy Cottage ;
    41; Hermione Gardinier; Troy; Sea Horses ;
    42; Mrs. Stuart Lyman; Englewood; Printemps et Autumne; 2nd
    43; Elizabeth D. Perry; Brooklyn; Design for a Leaded Glass Window ;
    44; Mrs. M.B. Phillips; Rochester; Concentration ;
    45; Florence E. Read; Brooklyn; Anemones-Design in Tempora; H. M.
    46; Helen A. Tumbridge; Brooklyn; Copy of a Japanese Print ;
    47; Katherine Arnold; Albany; Head ;
    48; Catherine C. P. Field; Rochester; A Child ;
    49; Elizabeth H. Galbraith; Rochester; Lyell ;
    50; Hermione Gardinier; Troy; Still Life ;
    51; Hermione Gardinier; Troy; The Rehearsal;
    52; Alice Hotchkiss; Binghamton; Hungarian Girl ;
    53; Mrs. Lindsay Jarvis; Englewood; Portrait of a baby ;
    54; Mrs. Lindsay Jarvis; Englewood; Marcia;

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1931 - 1936. 04-06_1935, 058-9.
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  • April 5, 1935 Members of the Junior League of Brooklyn will meet with officers of the Brooklyn Museum today, April 5, to judge entries in the Art Exhibition of Region II of the Association of Junior Leagues of America. The exhibition will be installed on the Fifth Floor of the Museum and will open with a reception and private view for members of the Junior League and guests on the afternoon of Friday April 12th. It will be open to the public the following day and will remain on view through Sunday Apri1 28th.

    The Judges for the exhibition are Mr. Philip N. Youtz, Director, Brooklyn Museums; Mr. Herbert B. Tschudy, Curator of Contemporary Art, Brooklyn Central Museum; Miss Elizabeth Haynes, Assistant Curator of American Rooms, Miss Maud Robinson of Greenwich House; Mr. C. Hamilton Preston of the New York School of Applied Arts and Mr. Charles Aiken, the painter.

    The arrangement committee for the Junior League Regional Art Exhibit is Florence Reed, (Chairman), Mrs. Merton Perry, Mrs. Ogden Pleissner, Mrs. John Livingston, Mrs. J. Russell Clarke, Jr., Mrs. Theodore Fitz-Randolph, Mrs. Coverly Fischer, Mrs. James Drain, Mrs. Robert Winslow, Frances Keech, Helen Tumbridge, Lois Thayer, Anna Corbett, Gertrude Van Brunt, Katherine Van Brunt, and Harriet Cross.

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1931 - 1936. 04-06_1935, 041.
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  • April 9, 1935 The Association of Junior Leagues of America will display handiwork of members in the form of sculpture, tapestries, ceramics, oil painting, water colors, photographs, textiles, metal work and drawings in an exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum opening Friday, April 12th, with a reception and private view for members and guests. The exhibition represents Region II of the League, the Junior League of Brooklyn acting as hostess. Region II comprises the state of New Jersey and the state of New York, also the Province of Ontario, but the Province of Ontario will not be represented in this exhibition.

    Every league in Region II will send delegates to Brooklyn to discuss their local problems in the field of Arts and Interests. This showing acts as clearing house for the Art Exhibition of the National Conference to be held during May in San Francisco.

    Delegates will meet at a morning conference on April 12 at the home of Miss Arrietta Smith. The meeting will be presided over by Miss Olive M. Lyford, Sccretary of the Arts and Interests Department of the A.J.L.A. in the afternoon Miss Althea McCammon, President of the Brooklyn Junior League will greet the guests at 2:30.Mr. Philip N. Youtz, Director of the Brooklyn Museum, will speak. There will also be a lecture by Mrs. Helen Appleton Read, "The Artist Descends from His Ivory Tower."

    After Mrs. Read's talk the visiting delegates are invited to inspect classes in Arts and Crafts that League volunteers are conducting at the Museum. Following a review of the Exhibition tea will be served for the League Members and their guests.

    Miss Arrietta Smith, Chairman of the Arts and Interests Committee of the Junior League of Brooklyn, is in charge of the entire Exhibition. Assisting her are Miss Mary Thayer, Chairman of Entries, Miss Florence Read, Chairman of Arrangement, Mrs. W. Coverly Fischer, Chairman of Publicity, Mrs. Carroll J. Dickson, Chairman for the tea.

    The Sustaining Members of the Junior League of Brooklyn will be the hostesses at tea: Mrs. Otis S. Carroll, Mrs. William H. Cary, Mrs. Cameron Duncan, Mrs. Sumner Ford, Mrs. George S. Frank, Mrs. Robert B. Lea, Mrs. Maxwell Lester, Mrs. Robert W. Martin, Mrs. Edwin P. Maynard, Jr., Mrs. Christopher Meyer, Miss Helen Moorehead, Mrs. Sherley W. Morgan, Mrs. Charles F. Neergard, Mrs. William H. Price, Mrs.. Price, Mrs. S. Emlen Stokes, Mrs. Gordon C. Thayer, Mrs. John C. von Glahn.
    The exhibition will close April 19th.

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1931 - 1936. 04-06_1935, 044-5.
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