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Oil Paintings by Brooklyn Artists: Portraits & Figures

DATES May 17, 1935 through June 16, 1935
There are currently no digitized images of this exhibition. If images are needed, contact
  • May 18, 1935 An exhibition of Portraits and Figure Paintings by Brooklyn Artists was opened yesterday at the Brooklyn Museum at 3 o’clock in the Gallery for Living Artists.

    Mr. Edward C. Blum
    Mr. Walter H. Crittenden
    Mrs. L. Sweitzer
    Miss E. Sweitzer
    Mr. & Mrs. Philip N. Youtz
    Mrs. Russell Starr
    Mrs. Russell Starr
    Mrs. Walter Douglas
    Miss F. Iaenburger
    Mrs. Gustav Osterhus
    Mrs. S. Alexander
    Miss Muriel Alexander
    Mrs. Lawrence Eddy
    Mrs. Joseph Newman
    Mrs. Benjamin Burger
    Mr. Fredrick A. Sweet
    Mr. Edwin L. M. Taggart
    Mr. Sheldon Keck
    Mr. Herman De Wetter
    Miss De Wetter
    Miss Hilda Kay
    Mrs. Fredrick Zimmern
    Mr. Abraham Walkowitz
    Mrs. Minna Harkavy
    Mr. Sigvard Mohn
    Mr. Abbott
    Mr. Morton
    Mrs. Levine
    Miss Mary Woodward
    Mr. John Polimeni
    Mrs. Arthur Bridge
    Mrs. Leslie M. Barton
    Miss Agnes Richmond
    Mrs. B Stoloff
    Mr. Rudolf Scheffler
    Miss Isabel Kimball
    Mrs. Agnes Moore
    Mrs. Nell Choate Jones
    Mrs. Nena De Brenneke
    Mrs. Van Allen
    Mrs. Edith B McCarty
    Miss L. Eddy
    Miss Rosa Risen
    Mrs. Percy Ling
    Mrs. Percy Ling
    Mrs. Ogden Pleissner
    Mrs. B. Burger
    Mrs. Henry Sterling
    Miss McVey Cother
    Mr. Carle Michel Boog
    Miss Elaie Cane

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1931 - 1936. 04-06_1935, 066.
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