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International Watercolor Exhibition, 10th Biennial

DATES March 18, 1939 through April 30, 1939
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  • Spring approximately 1939: On the afternoon of Friday, March 17, the Brooklyn Museum will open with a reception and preview for members and guests the Tenth Biennial International Exhibition of Water Colors, which will be open to the public Saturday, the eighteenth, to run through April 30. In addition to America, England, France and Switzerland will be represented.

    The following artists are represented in the exhibition:
    American, Rovington Arthur, Peggy Bacon, Joseph Barber, Gershon Benjamin, Rainey Bennett, Thomas Hart Benton, George Biddle, Robert Blair, Edith M. Brisac, Carl Buck, Charles Burchfield, David Burliuk, Nathaniel C. Burwash, Jean R. Cahan, Charles Campbell, John Carroll, Betty M. Carter, Federico Castellon, Abraham Chanin, Nicolal Cikovsky, Max Arthur Cohn, George Constant, Jon Corbino, Robert Crane, Carson Davenport, Stuart Davis, Adolf Dehn, Eleanor Edwards, Louis M. Ellshemius, Lyonel Foininger, Louis Ferstadt, Ernest Fiene, James Fitzgerald, Grace Marie Fitzpatrick, Josef Foshko, David Fredenthal, Emil Ganso, Robert F. Gates, Aaron Gelman, Harry Glassgold, Hyman Goldstein, Bertram Goodman, George Grosz, Bertram Hrirtman, Arthur K. D. Healy, Zoltan Hecht, John Edward Heliker, Charles Trumbo henry, Harry Hering, Edward Hopper, Helmut Hungerland, Gregory D. Ivy, Melvin Jules, Bernard Karfiol, Henry G. Keller, Georgina Klitgaard, Barnard Klonis, Walt Kuhn, Yasuo Kuniyoshi, Ferdinand Lo Pinto, Norman Mac Leish, De Hirsh Margules, Anne Steele Marsh, Reginald Marsh, Karl Mattern, Lillie Stein Mayor, Knud Merrild, Barse Miller, Karl Oborteuffer, Eliot O’Hara, Virginia Parker, Waldo Pierce, John C. Pell0w, James Penney, Ogden M. Pleissner, Henry V. Poor, Lionel Reiss, Chris Ritter, Ivor Rose, G. Gordon Rothenborg, Andree Ruellan, Paul Sample, Saul, Helen Sawyer, Michael Schlazer, Henry E. Schnakenberg, Georges Schreiber, Zoltan Sepeshy, Millard Shoots, Jacob Getlar Smith, Miron Sokole, Joseph Steig, Harwood Steig, Will Henry Stevens, Prentiss Taylor, Herbert B. Tschudy, Allen Tucker, Samuel A. Tuckcer, James Turnbull, John Von Wicht, John Whorf, Louis Wiesenberg, Reginald Wilson, Stanley Wood, Andrew Wyeth and William Zorach.

    Enlgish, Edward Bawden, Charles Cundall, Charles Ginner, Duncan Grant, Anthony Gross, Frances Hodgkins, David Jonas, Dame Laura Knight, John Nash, Paul Nash, C.R.W. Novinson, Vivian Pitchforth, Anthony Slado, P. Wilson Steer and Ethelbert White.

    French, Maurice Assclin, Georges Aubry, Pierre Bonnard, Marc Chagall, Claude Domec, Joan Dufy, Raoul Dufy, A. E. Othon Friesz, Marcel Gromaire, Andre Lhote, Lucien Mainssioux, Joan Marchand, Maurice Utrillo, Koos Van Dongon, Maurice de Vlaminck and Henry de Waroquier.

    Swiss, Cuno Amiet, Paul Bodmor, Martin A. Christ, E. Stocker Coghuf, Martin Lauterburg, Louis Moilliet, Ernst Morgenthalor, Fritz Pauli, A. H. Pellogrini, Hans Stocker and Victor Surbok.

    The exhibition is which more varied in style and subject matter than was the Ninth Biennial two years ago. Our water colorists seem to have turned away from their romantic refuge in sylvan landscapes and quaint and quiet village to a consideration of more lively subject matter related to current interests.

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1939. 01-03/1939, 080-1. View Original 1 . View Original 2
  • March 18, 1939: Members and guests of the Brooklyn Museum attended a reception yesterday afternoon (Friday, March 17), and a pre-view of the Tenth Biennial International Exhibition of Watercolors. The largest section of the show is devoted to the work of American artists. other sections show work from England, France and Switzerland. the exhibition is open to the public today (Saturday, March 18th) and will run through April 30th.

    Among those present were:
    Mr. Bertman Hartman
    Mr. DeHirsh Margules
    Mr. Michael Schlazer
    Mr. James McDonald
    Mrs. Louis M. Dusseldorf
    Miss Margaret Freincle
    Mrs. DeHart Bergen
    Mrs. C. Foster Smith
    Mr. Jacob Getlar Msith
    Mrs. F. N. Land
    Miss Justine Cook
    Mr. & Mrs. C. Schenck Van Siclen
    Miss Lucille Kron
    Mrs. Frank H. Parsons
    Mr. Herbert B. Tschudy
    Mr. Hyman Warsager
    Mr. David Margolies
    Mr. Lionel Reiss
    Miss Anne Steele March
    Mr. Bernard Klonis
    Mr. & Mrs. Edward Hipper
    Mr. William Walkowitz
    Mr. Betram Goodman
    Mrs. J. F. Montgomery
    Miss Agnes Moore
    Mrs. Raymod Rice
    Mrss. Kee Mahher
    Miss Katherience Lovell
    Miss Lousice Ericson
    Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Colton
    Mrs. J.T. Owens
    Mr. Joseph Salek
    Maurice Blumenthall
    George Constant
    Mr. Harry Hering
    Mr. Chris Ritter
    Mr. Ferdinard Le Pinto
    Miss Manya Latour
    Mrs. Joseph E. Murray
    Mrs. William L. Felter
    Miss Mary C. Hurd
    Miss Carrie Braum
    Miss Frances Ingraham
    Mr. Pete Velmonte
    Mr. & Mrs. Samuel A. Tucket
    Miron Sokolo
    Jacob Getlar Smith
    Miss Eloise Bishop
    Miss Jean R. Cahan
    Mrs. John I. H. Baur
    Mr. Aaron Gelamn
    Miss Gace Marle Fitzpatrick
    Mr. Stuart Davis
    Mr. Bernard Klonis
    Mr. Hyman Goldstein
    Mrs. William L. Garrison III
    George Constant
    Mrs. James Petyer Warbasse
    Mr. & Mrs. Harold Fitzpatrick
    Mrs. A. L. Fitzpatrikc
    Mrs. F. M. Lang
    David Burliuk
    Mrs. Grant H. Code
    Mr. & Mrs. Emil Ganso
    Mr. & Mrs. Peter Bitterman
    Mr. John Von Wicht
    Adolf Dehn
    Ernet Fiene
    Zolton Hecht
    Abraham Chanin
    Andrew Wyeth
    Mr. & MRs. Laurence P. Roberts

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1939. 01-03/1939, 102. View Original