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Art Teachers Association of the High Schools of New York City

DATES February 08, 1941 through March 09, 1941
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  • February 7, 1941 Over a hundred examples of the work of members of the Art Teachers Association of the High Schools of New York City will form this organization’s Second Annual Exhibition. It will open to the public at the Brooklyn Museum on Friday, February 7, and extend through March 9.

    Some fifty artists will be represented in this showing of works done in oil, tempera, water color, gouache, crayon, etching, lithograph and pencil. The work ranges in scope from the very conservative and academic to the most modern conceptions.

    Membership in the Association is drawn from the art teaching staffs of the Junior and Senior academic and vocational high schools of the city. The organization publishes an annual called “The Artist-Teacher,” a professional publication. It also conducts courses in art which are visited by outstanding men in several art fields

    The artists who will be included in the exhibition are:

    Minna Behr
    Netta M. Burton
    Hy Cohen
    Viola M. Cox
    Alex Dollin
    Vincent Di Prima
    MarshaIl B. Drew
    Irving Edelman
    Philip Frankle
    Joseph L. Grosse
    Siegfried Gutterman
    Louise Henigan
    C. M. Henriques
    Mart Jennings
    Helen C. Jackoff
    Marjorie. B. Luhrs
    Edith G. Mannis
    Maxwell Mandell
    Dorothy McEntee
    Helene O’Shaugnessy
    Eugenia Redka
    Doris H. Dedman
    Elizabeth Rothstein
    Clemence M. Sordillo
    Gloria Steckler
    David Stewart
    Edward W. Sussman
    Walter L. White
    Charles F. Beck
    Hermine K. Bernstein
    Lester Brill

    Annette I. Dietz
    Marshall B. Drew
    Irving Edelman
    Leon Friend
    Herman Getter
    Max Greenberg
    Siegfried Gutterman
    J. S. Heckler
    C. M. Henriques
    Ella F. Jackson
    Mart Jennings
    Dorothy E. Kaplan
    William F. Kirk
    Henry B. Knowles
    Eva Krugman
    Edith G. Mannis
    L. Dorothy Monohan
    Michael Ross
    Emery Schmidt
    Ruth C. Schutz
    Nathaniel Schwarzburg
    Gloria Steckler
    Jesse Stern
    David Stewart
    Olive Stickelman
    Dorothy Thornton
    Edwin H. Vander Noot
    Lillian Weiss
    Walter L. White

    Ruth Avseev
    Charles F. Beck
    Richard Berger
    Helen C. Jackoff
    Marjorie Luhrs
    Edith G. Mannis
    Michael Ross

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1939 - 1941. 01-03/1941, 033.
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