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All One Sees That's Japanese: Japan of the 18th and 19th Centuries, Prints of Gallatin Collection

DATES July 14, 1951 through October 14, 1951
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  • July 13, 1951 An exhibition of prints and paintings entitled ALL ONE SEES THAT’S JAPANESE will open tomorrow (July 14) in the first floor ga1leries of the Brooklyn Museum to be current through October 14. The material dates mostly from the 19th century.

    One gallery is devoted to color Japanese prints of landscape. Included are views of Mt. Fuji, Yedo and the provinces.

    Another section contains rarely seen paintings by Japanese print-makers. Here twenty-three paintings are lent by Mr. Albert Gallatin, and men like Harunobu and Utamaro, names long familiar to American print collectors, are represented.

    The last major group is a series of “foreigner” prints made during the mid 19th century. Thirty-six prints lent by Mr. Albert Gallatin and others from the Museum collection, show the Westerners, their customs and inventions as seen through Japanese eyes. Although gay and occasionally humorous to us, these prints were important in helping to diffuse Western ideas through-out the newly opened Japan.

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1947 - 1952. 04-06/1951, 069.
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