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Contemporary Afro-American Arts

DATES September 29, 1968 through October 31, 1968
COLLECTIONS Contemporary Art
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  • September 1, 1968 The Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences, the parent body of The Brooklyn Museum, Botanic Garden, Children's Museum and the Academy of Music, announces the opening of a new Community Gallery, Sunday, September 29 at 1 p.m., in The Brooklyn Museum. This is the first time that a community gallery has been established within the walls of a major cultural institution for the express purpose of encouraging and stimulating creativity in the arts.

    Henri Ghent, who is also Assistant Director of the Institute, will be the new gallery’s director. The post was made possible last June by a grant from the New York State Council on the Arts. Funds to construct the new gallery were donated anonymously.

    The inaugural exhibition will be comprised of works by black artists from the Bedford Stuyvesant area, under the sponsorship of the Federated Institute of Cultural Enrichment (FICE), whose desire to exhibit in the Museum provided the original impetus for the gallery. The exhibition of Contemporary Afro-American Arts will include painting, sculpture, photography, tapestry, films and Audio-Visual, and will be shown for four weeks, terminating October 31. A minimum of eight exhibitions a year are being planned and will provide a showcase for creativity from all sections of the Borough of Brooklyn.

    According to Mr. Ghent, “everyone is tremendously excited about this opportunity for creative Brooklynites to exhibit under the most advantageous circumstances. It shouldn’t be surprising to anyone that

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    the Park Lane Hotel, have been attached to the Museum building itself. One corner of the Garden will eventually be arranged in the tumbledown manner of a New York City demolished building site.

    The Museum hopes in the future that the Garden will become a place of assembly. Restaurant facilities, concerts, and dances are in the planning stage. Small special exhibits will also be a feature, the first of which will be a “peepshow” of miniature interiors designed by Robert Eney, representing periods covered by material in the collection.

    In his introduction to Mr. Fried’s essay, Thomas S. Buechner, Director of the Museum, notes that “the Garden exists to preserve the best of what has been spared, bits and pieces potentially no less important to the future than the rainspouts of Baalbek or the gargoyles of Notre Dame."

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1953 - 1970. 1968, 007-8.
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  • September 29, 1968 the federated institute of cultural enrichment......

    of the greater bedford-stuyvesant community presents

    sunday september 29 until thu[r]sday october 21, 1968

    Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, New York 11238

    creative solutions to problems that are real

    GOD is the greatest

    1. Hugh Harrell    “The Ox” (oil) Who by his Power Caused
    2. George Wilson     “Wistful Melody” (oil)
    3. Jessie Mosley     “Untitled” (acrylic)
    4. Tom Feelings     “Portrait of a Man” (colored inks)
    5. Tom Feelings     “Jazz Musician” (pencil, oil paint wash[)]
    6. Tejumola Adetutu    Pencil rendering
    7. Jukulo    Oil Painting
    8. Builder Levy    Photograph
    9. Hugh Harrell    a. Felt tip rendering   b. Felt tip & wash
    10. Tejumola Adetutu     “Girl in the Universe” (wash water coloring)
    11. George Wilson     “Torment” (oil)
    12. Raymond Gibson    Photograph
    13. Bobby Richardson     “The Beginning No. 1” (oil)
    14. Alga Carr    Portrait of a Man (charcoal)
    15. Raymond Gibson    Photograph
    16. Hugh Harrell    Bas-relief
    17. Torment    Portrait I (oil)
    18. Jukulo    Oil Painting
    19. Raymond Gibson    Photograph
    20. Ademola    “Sun Portrait” (oil)
    21. Ademola     “Burden of Injustice” (woodcut) (Artists Proof)
    22. Tejumola Adetutu    “Blue Burlap Mask” (burlap)
    23. Ademola     “Fertility” (woodcut) (Artists Proof)
    24. David Elder    Aluminum Mask
    25. Raymond Gibson    Photograph
    26. Raymond Gibson    Photograph
    27. David Elder    “Implosion” (oil painting on wood)
    28. Ornie Miller    “God Egbe” (Tapestry)
    29. Bosley    Oil Painting
    30. Frank Smith    Mask
    31. Kitty Chavis     “The Black in Me” (oil)
    32. Raymond Gibson    Photograph
    33. Staiwo Balogun     “Mother Earth Child” (oil)
    34. Dwight Dates    Work in wash, pencil & dry brush
    35. Tejumola Adetutu    Oil Painting
    36. Falcon Beazer    Pen & Ink
    37. Otto Neal    “The Water Carrier" (oil)
    38. Ademola    “Mask of the Sacred Poro Society" (woodcut, Artists Proof)
    39. David Elder    Doll
    40. Ronald Pyatt    “Study 100” (felt tip pen & ink)
    41. Ronald Pyatt    “Study 100 1/2” (felt tip pen & Ink)
    42. Raymond Gibson    Photograph
    43. Charles Creary    “Spiritual African Mask” (oil)    Crucification
    44. Nicholas Davis    “Drummer” (oil)
    45. Frank Smith    Collage
    46. David Elder    “The Message” (found object)
    47. Raymond Gibson    Photography
    48. Ademola    Collage
    49. Frank Smith    Paper mache collage
    50. Ademola    “Confrontation” (woodcut)
    51. Jessie Mosley    Oil Painting
    52. G. Falcon Beazer    “The Holy Man” (pen & ink rendering)
    53. Dwight Dates    Paper collage
    54. Builder Levy    Photograph
    55. Kay Brown    “The Biafra Hell” (collage)
    56. Raymond Gibson    Photograph
    57. Torrence    “Portrait 2” (oil)
    58. Builder Levy    Photograph
    59. Kitty Chavis    "Masai Woman” (colored pastel)
    60. Raymond Gibson    Photograph
    61. Builder Levy    Photograph
    62. Hugh Harrell    Oil Painting
    63. Frank Smith    Oil Painting
    64. Ornie Miller    “Sing the Verve of Dandelions Spangling in Yellow Jubilance”   Verse: Robert J. Abrams (tapestry)
    65. Nicholas Davis    “Market Place” (oil)
    66. G. Falcon Beazer    “All and Everything” (Pen & ink)
    67. Abdul Rahman    Oil Painting
    68. Carol Blank    Ink and tempera rendering
    69. Carol Blank    Ink and tempera rendering
    70. Charles Bohannah    “The Canteen” (oil)
    71. Rafiet    Pencil rendering
    72. Tom Feelings "Girl on Steps” (pencil & wash tempera[)]
    73. Rafiet    Oil painting
    74. Builder Levy    Photograph
    75. Raymond Gibson    Photograph
    76. Charles Creary    “Bouquet de Fleur” (oil)
    77. Mantaque Pollars    Oil Painting
    78. Abdul Rahman    “Zulu Warrior” (oil)
    79. Tejumola Adetutu    Oil Painting
    80. Rudy Irun    “Afro Abstract” (oil on terry cloth)
    81. Mantaque Pollars    Oil Painting
    82. Karl Holman    Pencil rendering
    83. Kitty Chavis    “I Man” (oil)
    84. Dwight Dates    Oil Painting
    85. Bill Howell    "Study 500" (oil)
    86. Rafiet    “Mozambique Water Pails” (oil)
    87. Carol Bateman    "CB 518” (Pen & ink)
    88. Otto Neal    “Out of the Wilderness” (oil)
    89. Mantaque Pollars    Oil Painting
    90. Mantaque Pollars    Oil Painting
    91. Mantaque Pollars    Oil Painting
    92. Carol Blank    Cra-pas
    93. Jessie Mosley    Oil Painting
    94. Raymond Gibson    Photograph
    95. Frank Smith    “Pastorale” (oil)
    96. Joe Overstreet    “Machine System” (oil)
    97. Carol Bateman    “CB 521” (pen & ink)
    98. Gaylord Smith    “Oppression” (oil)
    99. Ornie Miller    “A Winter Flowering Seeing in our Tears” (Tapestry)   Verse: Robert J. Abrams
    100. Jessie Mosley    Oil Painting
    101. Gaylord Smith    “Crossing” (oil)
    102. Kitty Chavis    Oil Painting
    103. Builder Levy    Light Painting
    104. Dwight Dates    Ink, watercolor, acrylic
    105. Henery    Pastel
    106. Carol Blank    Oil Painting
    107. Dwight Dates    Pencil wash
    108. David P. Samuel    “Brooklyn Back Fence” (oil)
    109. George Wilson    Oil Painting
    110. Builder Levy    Photograph
    111. Henery    Oil Painting
    112. Raymond Gibson    Photograph
    113. Carol Blank    “CB 504” (collage)
    114. Tom Feelings    “Pregnant” (pencil, wash, tempera)
    115. Melvin Green    “Freedom Now" (oil)
    116. Kay Brown    “Black Mother & Male Child” (oil)
    117. Tom Feelings    “Portrait of a Woman” (colored ink and casein)
    118. Carol Bateman    “CB 517” (pen & ink)
    119. Rafiet    “May I Have the Floor” (pencil rendering)
    120. Builder Levy    Light Painting
    121. Kitty Chavis    Oil Painting
    122. Carol Bateman    Collage
    122 [123]. Bobby Richardson    "Conversing” (oil)
    123 [124]. Carol Bateman    Collage
    124 [125]. Hugh Harrell    "Callous Soul” (sculpture in the round)
    125 [126]. Frank Smith    “Head of Christ” (sculpture in the round)
    126 [127]. Hugh Harrell    On pedestal

    F.I.C.E. is composed of the following organizations:

    AFRAM CULTURE, INC., STUDIO “0”         Tel. 739-5126
    10 Claver Place
    Brooklyn, New York

    MUSEUM OF MADAU         Tel. 789-9746
    86 St. James Place
    Brooklyn, New York

    OPERATION DISCOVERY, INC.         Tel. 773-3023
    830 Park Place
    Brooklyn, New York

    F.I.C.E. acknowle[d]ges with thanks and appreciation the cooperation of YA SANAA GALLERY, 158 West 132nd Street, NYC.

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1953 - 1970. 1968, 009-12.
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